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MOVIE REVIEW: Crazy Rich Asians

Just your simple love story ……….

It’s the age-old story. Boy meets girl and takes girl home to meet family. Nawwwwww *makes heart shape with hands*

But Nick isn’t just your average guy. For a start, he grew up in Singapore. And he is heir to a huge family fortune. And not just your average family fortune, his family are the Packers or the Murdochs of Singapore, so this makes Nick the most eligible man in Asia and that makes Rachel the most envied woman in Asia.

Let the games begin!

Why should I watch it?

For a start, the team behind this movie turned down some easy Netflix $$$ to take their little movie (and with an estimated 30 million dollar budget, this IS a little movie) to the cinemas.

But (you can almost hear the words echo down the corridors of the Netflix HQ) ….. it’s an Asian movie. With an Asian cast. And it’s an Asian movie with no martial arts or Emperor or you know, other stereotypically Asian themes. Who would want to see that?

Well, with a current international gross of just under $200M, it turns out that lots and lots and lots of people want to see it!

This movie is, at its heart, just a simple love story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy’s ex-girlfriend tries to cause trouble and boy’s mother is not too keen on girlfriend. Girl leaves boy and goes to hilarious best friend for comfort and sage advice. Boy chases girl. Girl really loves boy and, as we all know, love conquers all. Boy and girl get married.

See? Just your simple love story ……….

Okay, so except this boy is so obscenely wealthy his mates hire a tanker in the middle of the ocean for his buck’s night.

This movie is fun, funny, touching, cute and a little bit over the top all at once. Wu is an engaging and delightful leading lady and, as for newcomer Golding, he is full of warmth and aw-shucks down to earth charm that will sweep you off your feet. And if you haven’t seen it yet, the wedding and Awkwafina’s one-liner zingers alone are worth the price of your ticket.

Crazy Rich Asians
3 1/2 stars

Running Time: 120 minutes

Release Date: In Cinemas now

Who is in it: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Gemma Chan, Ken Jeong, Awkwafina, Chris Pang

What is it: Rachel (Wu), a New York professor, has been dating her boyfriend Nick (the internet’s new boyfriend, Henry Golding) for quite some time and with his best friend getting married back in his hometown, what better time for his girlfriend to meet the family?

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