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MOVIE REVIEW: A Simple Favor

Stephanie (Kendrick) is a blogger. A mommy blogger to be exact. Recipes, handy hints, kids craft, that kind of thing. She is a wee bit odd and when the uber chic full-time working mommy Emily (Lively) befriends her, nobody is more surprised than Stephanie.

Except us. We are all surprised and a little bit uh huh……sure Jan.

The two form a fast, if insanely unequal, friendship over afternoon cocktails, secrets and lies. Then one day, Stephanie gets a call from Emily asking for a simple favour. Can Stephanie pick up Emily’s son, Nicky, from school? Sure she can.

But Emily never comes home and this is when the real drama/fun starts.

Did I really just say fun? Uh huh. I sure did.

Why should I watch it?

Okay so at the start, it seems like it’s some Gone Girl type of deal. And it seems like we should be taking it seriously, even if Stephanie seems to be 10 kinds of creepy weird. But that’s just a vibe.

Until it isn’t and trust me, you will know the exact moment Stephanie’s creepy vibe goes off the charts! Ha ha ha

Emily has gone missing, the police are involved, of course. Then Emily’s husband Sean (Golding) gets involved… and he gets involved with Stephanie. Hmmmm okay, we will still play along.

Then the internet gets involved because Stephanie is sobbing on camera about her missing BFF while she shares cookie recipes (or something, I don’t recall and it doesn’t really matter). Ooooooookay

And then it gets really weird and twisted and that’s when the laughs start and the real fun begins!

I won’t say anymore but this movie goes crazy. Total. Batshit. Crazy.

The only thing I can even remotely liken it to is a telenovela. You know, those overacted, overwrought Latin American soap operas? If you don’t know what I mean, Google them. You’re welcome!

I dragged myself into this one against my better judgement and am so glad I did. Great fun if you just let yourself get swept along with all the twisted drama and shenanigans.

A Simple Favor
3 ½ stars

Running Time: 117 minutes

Release Date: In Cinemas Now

Who is in it: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Ian Ho, Joshua Satine, Andrew Rannells

Written by Sue Ellen

Copywriter. Writer. Reviewer. Coffee addict. Handbag tragic. Conspiracy tin hatter. Drama Queen.