MKR Is still a thing and I want to know why…

Yes I’m back and am yet again laying into another reality TV show. Some may say that perhaps I need to get a life and fair call but… at least I’m writing about reality TV and not watching it. Anyway, can someone please tell me why My Kitchen Rules is still a thing?

Seriously. I saw a banner ad the other day that was yelling at me to celebrate MKR’s 10th anniversary season. 10 years of gawking (or perhaps gawping) into people’s homes as they sweat up a storm and serve cold food to a bunch of strangers. I mean… really?

Firstly, the logistics of this show just don’t work. The way they are all running to the supermarket to get all ready and prepared. Wouldn’t they already have ingredients in the fridge/cupboard? And sure, I’ve heard the whole ‘well they submit ‘x’ amount of recipes and then one gets drawn out of the hat’ bla bla bla whatever. But… If you know that you can’t get this super duper ingredient is hard to find/buy/grow/import, why include it any one of your recipes? And better still, ewhy use it as the main ingredient? But then I guess there would be no frantic and dramatic breakdown at the deli counter. Nothing screams desperate reality TV than WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE insert food item here. Tears tears, coughing, sputtering. If it’s not that fish that Homer Simpson ate that time I’m not interested.

Ok so question, the food surely… surely has to be served cold right? There is just no possible way that it’s just cooked and served up as is. Manu Bae and pretty boy Pete have to look delicious and delightful for the cameras and surely wouldn’t engage in hours and hours of boring and not so polite small talk with the common folk. Speaking of food and Pretty Boy Pete, does Pete Evans actually eat all the food? Surely it goes against his Keto/sunscreen hating ways? But that’s a whole other story.

Also, sometimes I wonder if the producers get in the ear of one half of the couple and offer them extra money to F* Sh up? I swear one of them always turns their brain off right at the last second and decides to deep fry the lettuce instead of whatever else they are meant to be making. Then the show gets those juicy eye roll cut scenes of “ohhh and then they deep friend lettuce lololol”.

Honestly the whole thing just seems down right painful and awful and surely, 10 years on, MKR can not be considered good TV. So, why is it still a thing? Why are people still watching it? If you want drama llama at dinner time just go home to Mum and Dad’s house and invite that aunty they don’t speak to. It will be a hoot. At least you’ll get to eat the food too!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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