MAYFIELD: Worth Visiting?

Every suburb needs a slogan. Most of these slogans come straight from the source, the flesh and blood, the lifeline, the people. But some also seem to come from a random generator and or are pulled out of a hat at fancy meetings. One suburban slogan, in particular, is causing a stir amongst its residents and surrounding suburbs. Mayfield – Worth Visiting. Now if you’re here because you think I’m going to sit back and rag on Mayfield, you are very very wrong and please move right along. Because personally, I think that Mayfield is worth visiting, and is ever changing right under our noses.

Mayfield is a very old suburb, and the houses served a very specific purpose for their occupants, especially during the BHP era. But now, a change is happening. Let’s talk coffee for a start. Portafilter makes one of the best cups of Joe in town and also couple that with amazing service. With newcomers Equium Social being thrown into the mix too, there are more places to go and be and hang out than ever before.

Also, let’s talk about parking. Unlike the CBD at the moment, you can actually find a park in Mayfield. Oh, and the majority of those parks are free. F-R-E-E. There’s also no construction to navigate, no relentless jackhammers singing the song of their people and no stress associated with all of the above. You can also find a cold, and relatively cheap beer, a good pub feed and a snitty the size of your best mate’s head.

I think Mayfield continually cops a bad wrap. Purely because we are used to giving Mayfield a bad rap. Every suburb has its sore points, why are we focusing on this suburb in particular? I wonder what would happen if we put up the same sign, with the same slogan, and applied it to say, the East End? There’s no doubt the East End is beautiful and as someone who has recently defected I can say it is an amazing place to live. But even this little corner of paradise has its sore points. It’s almost never quiet (any East End loyalist will tell you this) and there is ruckus from one end to the other at all hours of the evening, purely because it happens to be the middle of the city.

So before we rag on the whole slogan thing and Mayfield in particular, why don’t we actually pay Mayfield a visit. It’s worth it, I promise.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.


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  1. Yes… I did “rag” on the slogan… not because of the suburb itself… but because it’s a dumb slogan.
    along the lines of … McDonalds – Its mostly food, or Caltex – Good for Cars.

    “It’s Worth Visiting” is a lack-lustre also-ran of slogans with no wit or spark. There’s not twist or
    pazzaz to fire the imagination.

    Mayfield – It’s Just The Beginning
    Mayfield – Newcastle’s Original Eat Street
    Mayfield – We Built This City

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