Massive Charity Show At The Lass This Saturday

An absolutely massive event is coming to The Lass O’Gowrie this Saturday June 11. F*ck Cancer – Let’s Dance is a charity extravaganza organized by NBN’s own Mitch Hughes with proceeds from the event going towards the NSW Cancer Council.

The show will feature the musical talents of The Main Guy & The Other Guys, LewieBuddons, and The Bofolk Ballico 3 – but the bands on stage are just one part of this show. Out in the beer garden there will be a whole host of events; everything from life sized Jenga, to a sausage sizzle, and a screening of Deadpool. There’s more things going on that you can poke a stick at.

We had a chat to the main guy from The Main Guy & The Other Guys about the event. Full details at the bottom of the page:

Newcastle Live: So, how did this benefit show come about?

The Main Guy: Well, my very good friend and work colleague, Mitch Hughes from NBN News (yes, it rhymes, that’s how he got the job – haha) was asked by the NSW Cancer Council to be part of their annual ‘Stars of Newcastle’ Dance Competition which is a huge fundraiser in the fight against cancer. As part of this commitment, Mitch has to organise a few fundraisers of his own and this is one of them. Having attended most of The Main Guy & the Other Guys shows at The Lass over the years (as I would smash him if he didn’t!) he decided that we needed to get off our arse, step up and help him raise some more money.

And as for The Main Guys, we haven’t played together since October last year and so this did really seem like an excellent reason to get together again and play them party songs one more time.

Can you tell us about the bands on the lineup?

Yes, yes I can. Bofolk Ballico is this wonderful young singer and songwriter that only recently released a new EP which I myself own and often play in the car. He has a very unique voice and sound, writes a brilliant mix of serious and funny lyrics and he is working really really hard to push himself out on the music scene. As far as I know he will be joined by a bunch of friends of stage aswell so can’t wait to see what they come up with. He will start the musical part of the evening at about 8:30pm.

The Main Guy & the Other Guys (that’s my band;) is one of them bands that just sounds like a good time! Everything we do is done to make you either laugh, feel weird or dance. Preferably all three at once if it can be done. We also wear matching outfits, sing about incredibly non-important but very current issues – with four-part harmonies and lots of keyboards. We will do a very special 1 hour set as we haven’t played in a while and probably won’t play in a while again after this, hence we will kick off at 9:30pm.

The last band call themselves LewieBuddons and are fast becoming Lass-favourites. From all accounts they will provide a ripping upbeat and very danceable set – surf rock and pop and fun fun fun! Surely an excellent way to wrap up the musical element of this event. Can’t wait to see them!


Do The Main Guys & The Other Guys have any special surprises in store for us?

Yes! For anyone whom have seen us play before there will be a couple of treats AND a brand new song!! For anyone who has never seen us before, there will be an entirely new set!!


There is so much going on at The Lass outside the music, what other activities are taking place?

Aw man, where to begin! Mitch wanted this to be fun for anyone and he wanted it to go for longer than just a regular Lass night, so it all kicks off at 5:30pm with a Mario Kart competition on a special big screen in the backyard, followed by a FIFA 16 competition. There will also be other games there (Giant Jenga, Ring tossing, etc). Every game has prizes to be won and I am talking killer prizes: Tickets to State of Origin, signed Swans jerseys, box seats to Jets games at Hunter Stadium, Go Karts Go vouchers, vouchers to a bunch of awesome cafes and restaurants, signed surfboards, CDs from the bands that are performing of course, and more more more.

There will also be raffles, a silent auction for some amazing things…yeah, Mitch is the NBN News sports guy so if you love anything sports, trust me, he got everyone in this town handing him prizes that will blow your mind! Just come down and check it out, every cent you spend will somehow help the Cancer Council!


Who: The Main Guy & The Other Guys, LewieBuddons, The Bofolk Ballico Three
What: F*ck Cancer – Let’s Dance: A Cancer Council Fundraiser
When: Saturday June 11
Where: The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel
Entry: Free!

Full Details:

5.30pm – Mario Kart Tournament on the big screen ($2 entry)
6.30pm – BBQ (provided by Adam’s Family Meats – Veg options available)
7.30pm – FIFA Tournament on the big screen ($2 entry)
8:30pm – The Bofolk Ballico Three
9.30pm – Deadpool screening
9:30pm – The Main Guy & The Other Guys
11:00pm – LewieBuddons

– Lucky Door prizes
– Best dressed prizes (come dressed to dance)
– Life sized Jenga ($2 entry)
– Ring Toss Competition ($1 entry)
– Raffles!

Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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