Marty Worrall’s Desert 5

Local singer songwriter Marty Worrall has kicked some massive goals over the years. His latest single ‘All Dressed Up’ has received numerous five star reviews, and the guy is just an all round good bloke. He’s the next muso to take our Desert 5 challenge.

Far from being a list of the worlds best pop, Marty’s list of albums he couldn’t live without show a far more introspective artist and give an insight on what he draws on to create the emotive pop he has become known for.

GET A GRIP – AEROSMITH | Without hesitation my all time favourite album. It kicked off my obsession with Aerosmith in high-school and it continues today. This album was and is everything I love about the band. It is the bees knees.

THE BENDS – RADIOHEAD | This album was the soundtrack to my life for a good two years. I treasure it. For me it is the most concise and accessible episode in the band’s songwriting. Full of angst and introverted musings, this album spoke to the teenage me like nothing else did.

THE HEROIN DIARIES – Sixx:AM | A true concept album that was released as the soundtrack to Nikki Sixx’s auto-biographical ‘The Heroin Diaries’. I expected it to be a bloated, self-indulgent mess. Instead it is a masterpiece of anger, vulnerability and healing. This album follows the journey of the book perfectly, and the vocals from James Michael (who also produced it) are simply sublime.

UNDER THE IRON SEA – KEANE | A little bit brit-pop, a little bit electronica and a lot amazing. Vulnerable, pleading, emotive, soaring – so many beautifully sad and wonderfully uplifting moments. An album that makes me cry but that I love getting lost in over and over. Vocalist Tom Chaplin has never sounded better. Brilliant.

ALISHA RULES THE WORLD – ALISHA’S ATTIC | Pop perfection from these UK female songstresses. Produced by Dave Stewart (The Eurythmics) this album is jangly and luscious, laden with interesting leads and harmonies. Some wonderfully quirky lyrics and moments.

Find out more about what Marty’s up to these days by visiting his Facebook Page. You can download Marty’s single ‘All Dresses Up’ via itunes.