Married at First Sight is still a thing and I want to know why

I mean seriously, what that actual flip? I know that trashy TV has its place but come on people! Surely there has to be a better level of entertainment than what’s being offered under the guide of television. And what I don’t understand is, people actually love it. Not only do they love it, some seem to live for it and surely, someone is having a bit of a lol.

I will add a disclaimer in here, I have never in my life watched even 30 seconds of married at first sight and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon. So every comment I make is pure speculation which I’m sure someone will mention in the comments but hey hi I just beat you to it. My reason for not engaging with the program is purely because when the show first began, gay marriage wasn’t legal. Two, committed and loving humans (who just happened to be of the same sex) couldn’t get married, but two completely random strangers could do it on national TV just for a bit of a lol, some pocket money and a (slim) chance at insta-fame.

Here’s what I understand about Married at first sight. A team of producers and psychologists or “psychologists” scour the country for desperate single humans and mash them together like playdough hoping something sticks. It’s reality TV so everything is planned and manipulated well in advance all for the purpose of home viewing. Am I on the mark or nah? Sure, they don’t actually get married in the moment so really it’s commitment at first sight or 15 minutes of fame at first sight.

Also, partners regularly “run off” with someone else’s husband/wife which I hate to break it to you, was definitely planned from the start. In fact they probably were offered more money (exclusively with New Idea of course) to go through with it. The controversy, the hectic awkwardness, it’s all planned kids, it’s all planned.

Then, or what I’m assuming, each pair of contestants go through a trial period of spending extended time together. Either fake living together or whatever but it’s a lot of time. Talk about putting pressure on a relationship! And then at the end of that period, they decide whether they want to give it a crack or not. Then they either stay together or go their separate ways. Wow. What a hoot and a half.

So, can someone, anyone please tell me why oh why people are going nuts over this show? K thanks in advance.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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