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SURF’S UP: Mark Richards mural gets a facelift

The renewal of the iconic Mark Richards mural on the side of the newly refurbished Dixon Park Beach kiosk is now complete.

The mural, which is now located on the southern side of the building, is part of the refurbishment of the Dixon Park Beach kiosk which will soon become a regular stop for locals.

The old Mark Richards’ mural at Dixon Park

City of Newcastle sought tenders to lease, fit out and operate the Dixon Park Beach kiosk back in August, with Sunnyboy Kiosk Pty Ltd named the proposed lessee over the weekend.

It is expected that the kiosk will be operational by mid-December.

“The recent refurbishment of the Dixon Park Beach kiosk has transformed the building into a space which will become a vibrant hive of activity once it becomes operational later this year,” Councillor Carol Duncan said.

Work to prepare the kiosk for use commenced in 2020 and included the connection to power, water and sewerage infrastructure, and more recently saw the construction of a shade shelter and seating, and the renewal of the Mark Richards mural.