Photo credit: Dean J Miller
Photo credit: Dean J Miller

BREAKING THE SILENCE: Mammal unleashes explosive new single

Mammal are back with a brand new single that’s a sonic assault targeting misinformation and brimming with their signature spitfire style.

The song, Keanu Reeves is the first taste of what’s to come with their upcoming album, The Penny Drop, which is slated for release in 2024.

Produced by the multi-platinum awarded Jimi “The Island” Maroudas, the track blends spacious frustration and brutal neo-scream, drawing on influences like Rage Against the Machine, Jimi Hendrix, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“We started writing for our new album, and Pete [Williamson] and Zane [Rosanoski] came up with the original Keanu Reeves song,” frontman Ezekiel Ox said.

“I flew down for a couple of days of drinking, smoking and freestyle, and the song came out.

“It’s about misinformation and the need for humans to be able to agree on an objective reality to survive. It’s grim out there at the moment, Orwellian. But in the end, some things are real. We name-check Tracy Chapman in the song too, which is exciting.”

The accompanying video, created by long-time collaborator Dean J Miller, pays homage to a ’90s action movie classic and truly captures the essence of the band’s humour and hard-hitting thematic approach.

Keanu Reeves is out today, Wednesday 15 November, with the full-length album, The Penny Drop set for release in 2024. Visit to find out more.