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Making the most out of the last days of Autumn in Newcastle

Hi there! You’re probably reading this on your phone or your computer screen, staring out a window thinking of better and brighter days. Yes, the weather is getting colder but this just means we need to make the most of the sunshine while we have it! If you’re looking for some inspo, never fear… our list is here.

Treetops adventure park

Have a thing for heights? Have a sense of adventure but don’t like long car rides? Do you want to impress someone with just how brave you are? Try treetops adventure park of course. It’s more than the high ropes course you did at school camp, and Treetops will have you guessing, thinking and mentally calculating as well as having a whole lot of fun at the same time.

Hang gliding

Have you ever driven along the water in town, looked up into the sky and admired the hang gliders soaring above? Never fear (or fear a little, depending on how you’re feeling) Tony and his team are here. You too can learn to soar up above the clouds and learn to fly a hang glider. Check out Airborne flight training for more details!

Surf lessons

I’ve met life long Novocastrians who have never ever learned how to surf. Or even given it a red hot go for that matter. If you’ve always wanted to learn (to be honest autumn is the best time because help no crowds and no one to see you face plant into the water) now is the perfect time! Check out Newcastle Surf School for all the deets!


Looking at this list wondering why everything fun costs money? The good news is, sometimes the best things in life really are free! Take a hike through Glenrock! I have also met many Novocastrians who have never been here and that is a travesty. It’s a relatively easy breezy hike and a great one for the whole family.