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Making the most out of Newcastle this autumn

It’s that time of year again friends! The time where the seasons collide and merge and everything is crisp and beautiful. Of course I’m talking about autumn here and autumn in Newcastle is perhaps the greatest time in all the land.

The leaves

It sounds cliché but have you noticed just how pretty it is in Newcastle during autumn? So many streets are littered with flashes of orange and yellow and our streets look so gosh darn inviting we may as well be in New York. Darby Street has some great pockets of autumn blowing in the breeze and Cooks Hill in general in fact is one of the top spots in town.

The café culture

Autumn is for cafes. Obviously. The weather is just that little bit chilly, but it’s still warm enough to sit outside and pat the dogs as they go past. You can have your coffee either hot or cold, or dip your toe into tea territory (not literally of course).


Yes, you read that right… swimming. Although there may be a chill in the air, autumn is actually the best time to go swimming! The temperature is just right (and usually warmer in the water than it is on the sand) and the beaches are far less crowded.

Making the most of the sunshine

Speaking of sunshine… autumn is the absolute best season to go out and make the most of the sunshine. It isn’t too hot, or too cold and the sun won’t burn your eyeballs if you happen to glace too close. You’re not walking around sweaty and you won’t shiver. Newcastle is perfect for the autumn climate! How about a hike in Glenrock? Or a stroll along the water? Or to the Lighthouse?

The city in general

There is just something about Newcastle in autumn that makes the city feel more alive than ever before. It’s not a tourist-heavy season so attractions, landmarks and the like aren’t packed (with muggles) but the city is still happening enough to warrant a trip to almost any hit location in town. #winning.