Maids clean up at The Cambridge

Maids hit The Cambridge in all their shirts-off-and-screaming glory on Friday 14 August for the ‘Happy Here Right Now’ single launch, and once again, they wiped the stage with their audacious live show.

With Maids, their hybrid brand of heavy rock/alt/punk is driven by a wild energy. They have a way of sliding freely between the edges of brooding and ominous, to fast-paced and punchy, then dive head-first into unpredictable howling chaos.

They put on a show where you don’t know which direction they’ll pull you in next, but you’ll gladly follow them into the madness. Kind of like being caught in a musical cyclone, in a good way.

If there’s one thing to be said about the vocal stylings of Maids, it’s that these dudes certainly have solid sets of lungs on them.

In a flurry of noise, hair and limbs, Sean thrashes behind the kit and delivers mesmerising, yet almost manic, vocals on crowd favourites like I’m Afraid, Mechanism, and the latest offering Happy Here Right Now. When Matt takes the lead he pounces on the mic like prey, with a powerful gravelly roar.

It might be because it was a hometown show, but Maids are one band that really vibe off the crowd and bring the raucous house-party feel. They’re fun, downright reckless, and you just can’t seem to get enough.

Check out some of the action on stage in the gallery below, snapped by the awesome Craig Wilson (Swamphouse)…

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