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EXCLUSIVE: Magic Dirt tease new tunes after a MASSIVE Scene & Heard set

Magic Dirt's Raul Sanchez and Adalita Srsen

Hey, Magic Dirt fans. Are you constantly crestfallen that the last time we had any new tunes from the Geelong-based indie rock legends was their massive 2007 slab Girl?

Well, turn that frown upside down because there may be some new stuff dropping from Camp Magic Dirt in the near future.

Speaking to Newcastle Live after a bravura turn at the Scene & Heard festival on Sunday, frontwoman Adalita Srsen and guitarist Raúl Sánchez revealed that some previously unreleased tunes could very well see the light of day.

After interviewer, Dan Beazley asked if we could expect any new tunes on the back of the band’s recent triumphant return to the live arena, Adalita chimed in with: “People have been using us that question so much and I love that question. It’s so nice…but no, no deal.”

Magic Dirt Scene and Heard
Magic Dirt’s Adalita Srsen. Picture: Juan Mahony

However as soon as she scuttled our hopes, they were reignited with Adalita admitting the band has oodles of unreleased gems in the vault.

“There’s a lot of stuff that’s unreleased – lots of demos and full tracks and we really want to put that stuff ut so we have plans for like box sets and archives. we’ve got like a couple of albums’ worth of unreleased material,” Adalita said.

“Technically that’s maybe not new material ut it sort of is in a way. It’s exciting and some of the songs are fucking great. I can’t wait to unleash it to the world and maybe play it.

Magic Dirt Scene and Heard
Magic Dirt’s Raúl Sánchez. Picture: Juan Mahony

“We haven’t thought extremely far ahead but it’s definitely something we’ve talked about. “

Our excited interviewer chimed in with: “you heard it here first on Newcastle Live, probably not but…” before Adalita replied with; ‘No, it’s a first! Good on ya, Newy. we love ya.”

So, there you go!

Check out our full interview with Adalita and Raul below!

Written by Stephen Bisset