PUT A RING ON IT: Macca’s drop the perfect hangover cure for summer

Macca’s have dropped the perfect hangover cure just in time for summer drinking sessions.

That’s right, Ronald is bringing back onion rings for your hazy Sunday mornings complete with their signature BBQ sauce for dipping goodness.

Also back on the menu for summer lovin’ is the Chicken Big Mac.

Golden chicken patties smothered in special Big Mac sauce with lettuce, onions, fresh lettuce, pickles, cheese and a sesame seed bun.

Smashing these two summer-ready releases together with a large thick shake is surely the late breakfast of champions for those of us who like to overindulge on the festive spirit.

Both the Chicken Big Mac and the onion rings with BBQ sauce will be available on the Macca’s menu after 10:30 am each day.

But, don’t leave your craving too long, they’re only available at MacDonald’s for a limited time.