For the love of blues. Mick King speaks to Newcastle Live

Mick King from the local blues outfit, Blues Bombers spent some time with Newcastle Live to chat about the band, their upcoming shows and what it takes to ‘have the blues.

When and how did you form The Blues Bombers?

The Blues Bombers were formed in 2003, through the love of blues music.

What’s your role in the band?

I’m the bass player and vocalist, but all members share vocal duties.

Tell us about the other members in the band.

Josh Callaway-keyboard/vocals, Kerry Miller-drums/vocals and Dave (killer) Hooper -guitar/vocals.

What style of blues do you play?

We cover a wide range of blues styles from Chicago to west coast to 60’s style instrumentals.

Who’s your favourite blues artist and why?

That’s a hard question, there are so many BB King, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan to name a few.

What’s your stage set up?

I use ampeg svt2, hartke speakers and fender jazz bass and telecaster.

What does it take to ‘have the blues’?

Anybody can have the blues just from life.

For someone that’s never seen you guys play live before, what’s a Blues Bombers show like?

Bombers shows are high energy, full of dynamics and a lot of fun.

Blues Bombers are doing a launch at The Grand Junction Hotel at Maitland on Saturday 19th July and Sat 16th August at the Stag and Hunter Hotel Mayfield, Friday 22nd August at Shaft Tavern, Elermore Vale, Saturday 23rd of August at Pedens Hotel Cessnock.

Written by Dan Beazley