Greenroof Hotel

71 Tudor St
Hamilton, NSW 2303

If you’ve ever driven up Tudor Street in Hamilton, you may have noticed an old hotel sitting silently roadside, almost unnoticed. It looks like it’s been the same for years.

Formally called The Hamilton Hotel, the pub is known to all the locals, and most Novocastrians, simply as The Greenroof, due to its iconic green crown. It’s a local pub with the cosy feeling of days gone by when all pubs were built with tile facades and populated by regulars.

The hotel was recently purchased by the team who own King Street Hotel and Argyle and they have re-launched it as, wait for it, a local pub. The whole venue is filled with fascinating curios that echo the past, from the art-deco timber finishes to relics of beer cans, old toys (who doesn’t love an etch-a-sketch?) and photos of icons past and present. The new owners have perfectly blended the old with the new to create a venue that is both comfortable and curious, wherever you choose to plant yourself.

There are a variety of spaces, from the comfy booths in the dining area, to the tall tables around the bar areas or the al fresco vibe of the beer garden. There’s a separate gaming area and, of course, the obligatory front bar, the perfect spot to just sit and chat over a beer or catch the game on the 3 TVs in the room.

The food menu is interesting too. Inspired by a visit to New York, the entire menu focuses on meatballs served in a variety of delicious ways. We chose the Big Baller Burger with a Cheeseburger Spring Roll and a side dish of Waffle Fries. The Big Baller, with classic beef balls, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, house BBQ sauce and American Red sauce is seriously good – we may even go so far as to say one of the best burgers we’ve ever had. And those waffle fries – well, you just need to check them out for yourself.

The Greenroof reno has been superbly done and there is little doubt that this pub hailing from the 1930’s is about to become the new ‘local’ for a whole new generation.

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