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LOCAL XMAS SHOPPING: Secret Books, Darby Street fashun & restocked gems

Another post in our series that encourages you to buy local this Christmas

Hi, it’s us, your friendly gift guide gurus encouraging you to buy local and be local this Christmas! Last week I gave a rundown of a few local businesses who are killing it in the game and are all perfect little havens for your Christmas shopping needs. Because everyone loved handmade/locally sourced gifts.

Blue Beetle Co

Have a friend of love-er in your life who would love some funkalicious bling? Obviously look no further than Blue Beetle Co. First and foremost though, go and check out her Instagram because the girl is hilarious, secondly, no two of her earrings are the same and they are all beautifully handmade, crafted, sculpted (insert other adjectives here). The store has just had a big old restock and you can find them online!

The photo above is from their insta account.


Welcome to the Feels

What about someone of a kind art? Obviously, that’s an amazing present right? Welcome to the feels is a writer, poet, artist, and all around amazing human and is someone you should definitely check out on the gram. Her prints are amazing and would be a great addition to any home (share house or otherwise).


Secret Book Stuff

Have a book lover in your life? Know someone who deserves a random act of kindness? Care about the planet and all things eco? Say hello to Secret Book Stuff. Secret Book Stuff is all about spreading the love of literature and creating a little more magic in the world. You can send a book (or bookish gift) to you or a friend anywhere in Australia. They frequent pretty much every local market about town but you can also find them online.


Koda – Darby Street

Another fashun-ista you’re looking to fill a stocking for? Neer fear, Koda on Darby Street is here. This delightful little bespoke store is ready and waiting for you to shop till you drp for your loved one. They feature the likes of Scrubba body (delicious) Rode to nowhere and other delicious bohemian type things and threads.


Hello Naomi

Did you know that cakes are a perfect Christmas gift? We all need food, delicious food and what better way to celebrate the festive season than with a cake. Yasss. Hello Naomi is a speciality cake store for any occasion! Also, they are the flipping cutest cakes in all the land, someone buy us one please and thanks.