Local musos need you now more than ever – Here’s how you can help

This week has seen many gigs cancelled due to new measures imposed by the government to slow down the spread of Covid-19. That’s meant a lot of local musos are now looking down the barrel of little to no income to support themselves or their families.

These are the same artists that rally together to put on gigs and donate their services to help other industries and people when they’re struggling through hard times.

In this post, we want to give you a few ideas on how you can now help them in what has become one of the most frightening situations they have ever faced. Below you’ll find just a few ways we as individuals can come together to help a community that is usually the first to help others.

Buy a physical copy of their music

It’s no secret that streaming music doesn’t pay the bills. The good news is that many local artists have online stores where you can purchase a physical copy of their music. And you know what that means? All the profits stay with the artist.

While only some people still own a CD player, vinyl is the new black and there’s a tonne of cool limited release records to be snatch up on web stores from your favourite artist, online.

Buy a digital copy on Band camp

In an effort to give musos a leg up at a time where most of their gigs have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share on all sales this Friday, March 20, from midnight to midnight.

If you’ve never purchased a song or an album from Bandcamp, now’s the time. Trust us, if you love music, you’ll love Bandcamp.

Buy some merch

Many local bands and artists have worked with amazing designers to produce some pretty cool merchandise and now is a great time to hit their online stores and fill up your wardrobe with some cool new threads.

You’ll be putting money directly into the pockets of artists and there’s some really cool stuff to buy. From a pair of Viper Creek Band undies to a RAAVE Tapes “keep ur hands 2 urself” T-shirt, there’s really is something for everyone.

Go fund them

Many artists currently have crowdfunding pages set up to either help them through this industry-wide crisis or to fund their new recording or video clip.

The best thing about this is that crowdfunding usually comes with a great reward from the artist. A small pledge can get your name in the credits, but you can also get your hands on some amazing, and often limited edition, merch and for a bigger pledge you can sometimes score yourself an intimate house show where the artist will come and play live in your living room.

Get a lesson

Have you been wanting to learn how to play that guitar you were given a few years ago? Are you a killer karaoke singer who has always wanted to take your vocal skill to the next level? Well, now’s the time to hit up your favourite musos to see if they’d like to teach you.

An online lesson, one on one, with a working muso is a great way to support an artist through this difficult time and you’ll get to learn some new tricks from someone you admire.

Adopt an instrument

A lot of musos will be looking at their much-loved instruments over the next few weeks as a source of income. A lot of these instruments are like family members and some are even generational heirlooms. But when bills keep coming and income sources have all but vanished due to the new laws, some artists will be selling their instruments just to stay afloat.

If you can afford it, buy these instruments and tell the seller that you’ll happily sell it back to them at the same price or a reduced rate when they get back on their feet and venues start booking gigs again.