CHECK YA TIX! One lucky local is $1 MILLION richer and doesn’t know it!

One lucky local Lotto player is walking around, completely oblivious to the fact that they are a newly minted millionaire!

The mystery winner, who purchased their ticket from Pharmacy 4 Less in Mount Hutton, holds the only winning Division One ticket across Australia from Monday’s Lotto draw, meaning they are set to pocket a $1 million prize.

The ticket is unregistered so officials from The Lott have no way of contacting the winner to break the news. Instead, they must wait for the ticketholder to come forward and claim their prize.

“It’s likely this winner has been going about their day as normal with no idea they’ve become an overnight millionaire!” The Lott spokesperson Ally Ramsamy said.

“We’re urging all players who purchased a Monday Lotto ticket from Pharmacy 4 Less Mt Hutton to check their tickets today, which could be in your wallet, handbag, fridge door or car glovebox because you could be the winner we are searching for.

“It’s important to remember players can check their tickets online at or via The Lott app if they’re unable to visit an NSW Lotteries outlet.”

Pharmacy 4 Less Mt Hutton manager Lauren Butterworth said staff ecstatic to hear of the division one win.

“We were so excited when we heard the news,” she said.

“Hopefully the winner checks their ticket and makes the million-dollar discovery soon.

So, check those tickets now and start thinking about how you’re going to spend all of that glorious cheddar!

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