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Local Hot Find: Skyepaint – ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’

Yes hi hello! I know there is so much amazing new music around at the moment but that’s the beauty of living in Newcastle, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to share those releases with the world.

Amos Wellings can be described as a delightful man about town, a DJ, all round nice person and also an amazing artist. He’s dabbled in many projects, including the ever wonderful Amos and Emily over the years, as creative types all seem to do, but his latest endeavour is something just that little bit ‘extra’ entirely.

Working under the ruse Skyepaint, Amos has just released his debut track ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’ and I’ve found myself being thankful for whoever’s fault it actually was because it resulted in this track. It’s a dreamy pop number that can be enjoyed one of two ways. You can walk, headphone clad, through the sunny streets of town walking on air and soundtracking your life to the sweet sounds or, you can deep dive into the words being spun and rediscover apathy.


There’s a sweet juxtaposition between the lyrics and the overall sound and feel of the track, which is something I’ve always enjoyed about Amos personally and, his music. What makes a good track is the artist’s ability to showcase both light and dark to both tell and compliment a story. It’s the essence of true creativity and the reason why we connect to the music we listen to as much as we do.

This one’s for fans of M83, The Naked and Famous and the early musings of CHVRCHES and a few little extras in between. Listen, rate and review over at Triple J Unearthed. Support local people doing (big) local things.



Press shot by @pickles_photos

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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