Live Music In Newcastle, Where Do You Really Stand?

The only real way to promote town priorities and change is by being open and willing to engage in an effective two-way conversation. The issue of live music (and its possible demise) in Newcastle, is one of red hot contention, but it seems the community and the council in which it serves (or is it the other way around?) have finally begun to meet in the middle when it comes to the future of our live music culture.

I’ve always looked at the issue of keeping live music and the associated scene ‘alive’ in Newcastle as one with great bias. I don’t own an inner city apartment (yet I do live in one), and I would actually love to encourage people to go out and enjoy all of the wonder that is the local talent circulating on any given Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights. But I’ve never once considered that there may in fact be a select group of people who really do want to quote unquote ‘have it all’, whereby they are able to live in the middle of town yet are also somehow surrounded by the silent ambiance of the burbs.

However, now I feel as though the tables have turned. I’ll be up front here and say outright that I wasn’t at the council meeting concerning the live music industry and the impact of certain noise restrictions in Newcastle. It all seems like too much drama llama for me. But this may be because I’ve been knee deep in discussions for years and I’m kind of over it. I’m over the whole us against them debate. I’m over having to legitimise my actions and my stance on advocating for a liveable city that is also alive. Surely we can have both right?

I’m a little personally skeptical on that front mostly because I’ve seen and heard a resident make a noise complaint about a ukulele club at 4:00pm on a Monday afternoon. I sincerely don’t think, as one local resident puts it, that local musos and supporters of local music have now become the whingers (since council is behind our cause and all). I think that for once the right thing for the city, really is on the right foot, and the right people, are finally backing the right cause.

The live music industry in Newcastle is one that should be of upmost priority. It is the one sure fire way to showcase our truly unique culture and something that we should be so immensely proud of. And no we haven’t ‘sold out’ or crossed over to the dark side purely because council have finally decided to back the winning horse. We’ve just collectively come to an agreement that an inner city, or the centre of town should be just that. A place full of activity and music, should ultimately serve as the epicentre for everything our wonderful town has to offer.

What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think about the council’s involvement in the live music community here in Newcastle. What kind of entertainment focused future would you  like to see light up the inner city?

Written by Newcastle Live

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