Little Scallywagz to crowdfund season

It’s all smiles at the Little Scallywagz Playhouse as the Little Scallywagz get set to complete their brand new children’s television series. Up until now the group have tried to do it alone but with the support and encouragement of their family and friends, they have decided to commence a crowdfunding campaign to raise $8000 needed to add the finishing touches.

The Little Scallywagz Playhouse is the creation of owner and producer Stacy Tierney who has recently managed to transform her home garage into a TV filming studio, located in Lake Macquarie. “We worked very hard on a minimal budget and with a bit of imagination and lots of improvising, we created something wonderful” said Ms Tierney.

The Little Scallywagz Playhouse episodes will provide an educational and musical experience for children and families. It will help children learn, grow and to explore the world around them using their imaginations in a colourful, vibrant and safe environment. “we are big on imagination and we want to encourage a fun learning experience that all children will enjoy” she said.

Due to the success of the 3 minute Rise & Shine with the Little Scallywagz miniseries which aired on Apple TV, Television Sydney (Channel 44) and Hunter TV, the Little Scallywagz are taking the next step. However with any independent production such as the Playhouse comes the ongoing strain of financial expense.

“We had never thought of doing crowdfunding before, as we believed that we were just little fish in a very big pond, but our supporters have urged us to do this in hope that everyone will come on this journey with us and help us grown and come to like and love us as much as they do” said Ms Tierney.

The money raised will go towards production costs and for the purchase of much needed up to date audio and visual equipment. If you would like to support the Little Scallywagz please visit and search for ‘Little Scallywagz Playhouse TV Series’ under Education or visit the Little Scallywagz website at and follow the link.

The Playhouse Series is due to air mid to late 2015, on community channels Australia wide, Apple TV and Hunter TV.

Help the team raise $8000 needed to complete the season by visiting

You can find out more about The Little Scallywagz Playhouse by visiting their website.