Let’s rein in that Crazy Horse a little hey Nollsey?

all artists should be able to feel safe on stage aka their ‘professional’ work environment, but….

Picture it, it’s 2003 and the entire nation is glued to their TVs and the text line waiting for Shannon Noll, the country boy from the bush, to be crowned the first ever Australian Idol.  I don’t think many of us will actually forget the moment he was #robbed but in light of recent events, maybe we can actually forgive.

If you missed the viral footage of the beloved yet troubled Shannon Noll chucking what can now be considered a #classic Nollsey basically the low down is this. Some young bloke in the crowd was causing a right ruckus, picking fights, and bothering everyone around him, all of which climaxed into him throwing a beer can on stage.

Pit behaviour (yes even at a Shannon Noll gig. Actually… especially at a Shannon Noll gig) is a big issue and something that is really close to my heart. I feel like any punter who is going to use the mosh pit and its environment as an excuse to be an actual dickhead should be pointed out and be held responsible for their actions. I also really admire artists who have the guts and tenacity to call out such behaviour but… as with everything, there’s the right way, and then there’s the Shannon Noll way.

The right way or even just generally the most appropriate way would have been to call the guy out, probably (actually definitely) get him ejected from the venue. and make sure he was held accountable for his actions. The Nollsey way was, of course, was, as a grown man mind you, threaten the can thrower (who judging by the video was barely able to buy goon on the weekend) by saying “Have some balls and get up here and I’ll punch your f***ing teeth down your throat then I’ll f**k your missus and your mum”.


Look I have to sympathise with Nollsey a little bit (again) and voice that all artists should be able to feel safe on stage aka their ‘professional’ work environment. But Nollsey really pushed the kicker just that little bit too far and went HAM. In doing so, all he did was open up a spring loaded ball of dickheadedness and retaliate with red-hot bogan fire. The man did not hold back. So what I am trying to say is, pull back the reins there on that Crazy Horse you’re riding champ and maybe think for a red hot minute that threatening a prepubescent teen isn’t the best way to call out (really shitty) behaviour. Glass houses. Stones. Etc.


Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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