Lachlan Morris Releases New Single

Local singer-songwriter Lachlan X. Morris has released his new single ‘Black Bouquets’, and is set to launch it at The Press Bookhouse on Friday May 20.

The new track, a duet with De’May, is a dark and brooding track that wouldn’t feel out of place on Nic Cave’s Murder Ballads. We had a quick chat to Morris about his new single and upcoming launch show. Listen to his new track below:

Newcastle Live: Can you tell us a little about your new single? Where did the inspiration for it come from?

Lachlan Morris: I was in the midst of writing this short story that was essentially a spaghetti western set in a florist on Valentines Day. I got a bit carried away as I usually do and decided to ask a couple of friends to read it and see if they would like to conjure up some kind of artwork for it. Then I thought I may as well write a song to go with all of that, because making songs is how I mainly spend my time.

As soon as I decided on making a song to accompany the story, I knew I wanted to make it a duet. It was an easy decision to get on De’May to sing with me, and so it became an alternate storyline of two people falling in love through the noise and the blood.


Where was the song recorded? How was the recording process?

Since I was about sixteen or so, I have been recording with Geoff Mullard at RTN Studios. It’s gotten to a certain point where Geoff is just used to the weird shit that I want to come in to make and he’s ready to tackle it. He’s been there through all my lame teenage phases and I feel like I’ve found some steady ground at the moment. So we are just riding it out, recording everything as soon as it feels right.

The song was close to fully formed before I got to the studio, which is definitely not normal for me. I think having the story already written helped with getting the lyrics done. I came into the studio and laid down all the guitar and vocal tracks I had planned, then spent a few hours chasing some things you can’t plan for, which I find to end up being the most memorable. De’May came by the next week and killed all her parts in two takes. We were mixing as we went so it was close to ready. Lots of tremolo to give it that southern gothic flavour, you can’t miss it.


What should we do while we listen to it?

Read the story! The artwork that was made for the project is also a beautiful (if not disturbing) pairing, just immerse yourself in that shit. The story isn’t that long, and the song is only three and a half minutes, so it’s like a shotgun wound of emotion. Just open up and see where it goes I guess.


Tell us about your launch show? It looks like it’s going to be a real special night.

For sure, It’s such a lovely unconventional venue for starters. It’s at The Press Bookhouse which if you haven’t been, is the cutest fucking bookstore. Plus it makes for a great sounding room. I have my close friends Boots Porter and De’May performing on the night and then they will both join me for my set with a few other friends. It’s close to an acoustic set, so we are getting pretty creative with the instrumentation, it’s been real fun in rehearsal. I have some nice merch that’ll be available on the night that ties the whole project together.


What is next for Lachlan Morris?

It’s supposed to be album season for me, but I keep getting distracted. With things like this release, but they are things that are so set in motion there’s no stopping them. But definitely, it’s only about a month away until I’ll be hibernating at RTN with Geoff and my Unholy Communion to work on the record. It’ll be a very old sounding record and I plan on getting very carried away


Who: Lachlan Morris
Black Bouquets (Ft. De’May)
When: Friday May 20
Where: The Press Bookhouse
With: De’May, Boots Porter

Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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