Kye Smith is at it again

Drummer from Newy band Local Resident Failure, Kye Smith has posted another one of his highly popular drum chronologies to Youtbe. This time he’s taken on the Blink 182 catalog, and it kicks arse.

In 5 minutes Kye covers 63 Blink songs in a video that has received just over 20,000 views since being uploaded on June 27.

“I’ve never really had a goal doing it, it’s always just been something fun and it’s gone beyond expectation, so I might as well keep doing it and see what happens,” Smith told

Kye and his mates from Local Resident Failure are heading over to Europe for their first international tour in just a few weeks. They’ll be playing a show at the Hamilton Station on the 25th of July with Deadtown Nothings, The Cities and The Good Waste before boarding the plane.

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Written by Dan Beazley