SHOWDOWN: Are Krispy Kreme Caramilk Doughnuts the ultimate Caracollab?

The Cadbury Caramilk and Krispy Kreme collaborative doughnuts are finally here, and the internet is going into full meltdown.

There are two types of Caramilk doughnuts and they’re both available exclusively at 7 Eleven stores.

The first one is you’re classic filleddoughnut which has a hardCaramilk exterior and the other one is like a Krispy Kreme original glazed, but the glaze is Caramilk chocolate and it’s got Caramilk sprinkles on the outside.

And while these sweet sweet rings of absolute decadence are sure to hit the spot for Caramilk devotees, are they really the ultimate use of the caramel flavoured white chocolate bar that’s had a massive revival in the last few years? We think not, so here are our top three Caramilk collabs!

Caramilk Ice cream

In our book, the Peters’ Caramilk Ice cream deserves top billing in this collaboration showdown. Sure there are other ice creams on a stick that useCaramilk in various way, but this is the original and the best.

Just a lick of Peters’ vanilla ice cream takes us right back to our childhoods and when you combine that with a thin layer of caramelised white chocolate you’re got something pretty special.

Philadelphia Caramilk Flavoured Cream Cheese

Ok, this almost took the top spot because you can literally eat it with EVERYTHING!

If you want to get it on straight out of the box you can’t beat dipping a Scotch Finger biscuit into it (trust us). But it’s when you start getting creative that this tub ofPhiladelphia Caramilk Flavoured Cream Cheese goes to the next level. From icing on cupcakes to making cheesecakes, this is a collab that just keeps giving and giving.

Caramilk McFlurry

While we prefer our ice cream and Caramilk in a more unified fashion, there’s no doubting the love Aussie’s had for some Macca’s vanilla soft-serve mixed in with bits of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and a good dollop of Caramello sauce.

And keep your eyes peeled, there are rumours all over the internet that this bad boy is going to make a comeback and will be appearing at a drive-thru near you very soon.