Kevin Bloody Wilson heads back to the Hunter…..Again

Kevin Bloody Wilson is back. Yes, just like Johnny Farnham before him, when Kev says “it’s the last time” you’re well within your rights to call “bullshit”. He’s bringing ‘The Almost Awesome Tour’ to Cessnock Leagues Club on 30 June and Belmont 16s on 1 July. We caught up with the iconic Australian comedian ahead of his arrival.

“How the fuck are ya,” Kev asks me down the phone.

It’s been just over 12 months since I talked to Kev. We’ve chatted about 4 or 5 times over the years, and every time I’m offered an interview with him, I jump at the chance. There’s something unique about a chat with Kevin Bloody Wilson that you don’t get with other entertainers.

To me, Kev’s a legend, but I often get a lot of shit from my friends and work mates for being a fan. ‘Kev’s a racist’ they say, and while I don’t agree with his ‘fit in or fuck off’ message, I don’t think it’s fair to cast him off completely because of it. For Kev, his position is one of a mistrust and, at some points, outright hatred of religion…Not people. Whether that’s articulated in his message is another debate… And not one I plan to start in this post.

To be honest, our interview is a bit more of a catch up than a formal question and answer session, but here are a few points that stand out…

We talk about cafe culture – “It’s all a bit of a wank really, isn’t it” he says.

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I ask him where he likes to stop and eat when he’s on the road – “Subway. Tastes better than most of the other shit out there, and I can pretend I’m being healthy”.

And then it comes – He recites a few lines from a new song he’s written called Tolerance. When he pauses to ask me if I’m still on the line, I tell him I am, and ask him to keep going and he does.

It’s easy to tell that the song he’s now singing to me over the phone is a contemporary Kevin Bloody Wilson classic to stand up next to the likes of ‘Santa Claus’ and ‘Rootin’ In The Back Of A Ute’. But you’re never going to hear it.

You’re not going to hear it, because family is the most important thing to Kev, and they’ve asked him not to release it because they don’t want to deal with the inevitable backlash. And that’s possibly the thing I’ve come to love about Kev the most. His love of family.

His wife Betty is the tour and merchandising manager, his son-in-law is on the sound and lights and his daughter (Jenny Talia) opens the show.

“If you make it through her set, you won’t be put off by anything in my show” he laughs down the phone at me.

And does touring with the family ever cause issues on the road?

“No! Betty and I share many things in common, and I think that’s the secret. For instance, neither of us like giving head”.

I almost fall off my chair, and then it’s time to say goodbye to Kev until the next time he brings a farewell tour to town. I’m already looking forward to the call.

Kevin Bloody Wilson brings ‘The Almost Awesome Tour’ to Cessnock Leagues Club on 30 June and Belmont 16s on 1 July.