Kerrie Paterson talks Seasoned Romance

Sue Ellen chats to local author Kerrie Patterson

Have you ever heard of a writing genre called Seasoned Romance?


Neither had I until about a week ago, when I sat down with local author Kerrie Patterson to talk about her new book Here to Stay.

First of all, what is Seasoned Romance? Accordingly to the interwebs, it’s a growing genre within the romance writing ranks, featuring women and their lovers, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. Noice! As Kerrie notes, women in their 40’s are complex creatures who have perhaps been in long marriages or relationships, but for a variety of reasons, are single again…….and they are looking for love and romance and all that entails.

Oh la la. Are we hooked yet?

Kerrie, who lives in the picturesque village of Morpeth, has self-published 4 novels but this is her first in-print novel. But she didn’t do this one alone.

Here to Stay is book #2 in a double book series called The Mindalby Outback Romance Series. It comprises 7 stories, with 7 different authors, all focussing on the small (fictional) town of Mindalby and what happens when the town’s largest employer, the cotton mill, closes literally overnight.

Maybe the  website can explain it better :

Set in the fictional, country town of Mindalby, these seven, sweet romances by seven romance authors are full of warmth, hardship, triumph and capture snapshots of the challenges of living in remote regions of Australia. Add a dash of suspense and the hope of happy-ever-afters, and you have a Mindalby Outback romance.

I was intrigued by the idea of 7 different authors working on, basically, the one story. Even at a glance, the logistics alone must have been a nightmare. Kerrie smiles and agrees it was challenging.

So Kerrie, how did this all come about?

‘Suzanne (SE Gilchrist) came up with the idea and approached Escape Publishing, who loved the idea but made no promises. Then we went away and we all wrote the stories. As there are a lot of shared events, a lot of shared characters, there was a lot of collaboration. We set up a yahoo group, google docs with spreadsheets and databases, Pinterest. A lot of stuff’

At this point I was seriously impressed and suggested these women could take over the world with their organisational skills!

Kerrie laughs and continues ‘The original premise was that it would all happen simultaneously but, the authors and the publisher soon realised this wasn’t going to work, as you are just reading the same event but from a different perspective. It was suggested we stagger the timeline. There were lots of re-writes and now, all the events happen within 2 or 3 weeks of each other. Again, no promises.’

But here we are, with one book already available and the final book set for release on October 22.

Kerrie’s book in the series is called ‘Making Memories’ and focuses on IT Manager Callie, who loses her job when the cotton mill closes. Her husband ran off with her best friend (boooooo hisssssssss) but the man she could never have, Nathan, is back on the scene. Ohhhhhh we love Nathan already!  Go get him girl!

Just like I ask with Aussie movies, I urge you to go out there and support local authors. Get down to your local book shop, wander into Big W, go online and buy both books. You will not be supporting one author but 7! That’s some feel-good stuff right there!

And when they turn the books into a movie, you can roll your eyes and smugly announce ‘Oh. My. God. I read those books yeeeeeeeeeeeeeears ago’  …. Ha ha ha

Want to meet some of the authors? There is a book signing scheduled for 11am on November 24 at Charlestown Big W. So pencil it into your diaries, grab your copy (or even better copies) and have the lovely ladies sign them.

Some handy links to read more about the books and the authors….. please to read and enjoy.

Kerrie’s author Facebook page:

The Mindalby Outback Romance website:

The Mindalby Outback Romance Facebook page:

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