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SHARP DRESSED MAN: Ken Lane give us their top suit tips

The Ken Lane Menswear store in Maitland has been helping Hunter men dress to impress for three generations.

A few months ago we enlisted Ken’s grandson Patrick, who now runs the store, to teach us how to tie the gold standard of tie knots, the Double Windsor

This month Patrick is back to give us his top tips when it comes to wearing and taking care of your suit.

Which button to do up

Old rule for three button suits – Sometimes, always, never.

Two-button suits are “always, never”. Always the top button and never the bottom button, no matter how many buttons there may be. There is a whole story as to why, too long to write here but I could talk about it at length.

Jacket sleeves

Rule of thumb is to show a little bit of sleeve.

You can check the correct length by raising the back of hands towards the sky. Jacket sleeves should just touch the back of your hand in this position.

The shirt and tie rule

Simple, Plain shirt means you can wear a patterned tie.

A Patterned shirt needs a very plain tie. You need to choose one or the other. It can end up looking too busy if both your shirt and tie have patterns.

Belt to your shoe colour

It’s a simple rule. If you wear black shoes your belt should match.

Brown can vary in colour so try as best you can to match the belt with the same shade of brown or tan as the shoes.

Cleaning your suit

You don’t have to clean your suit as often as you think.

A pure wool suit will breathe extremely well and can generally be aired out and stored for its next use. If your suit is actually dirty or soiled then you should send it to the cleaner. My work suits get at least six uses before I clean them again as my work environment is clean and they are not being stressed in that environment.

Ken Lane Menswear

With professional and fully trained staff always available in store, Patrick and his team at Ken Lane Menswear can help you choose a suit for your wedding, special occasion or just to impress.

ADDRESS: 397 High St, Maitland NSW 2320
PHONE: (02) 4933 2211