FLAVOUR TOWN: Sukimama's Suki Kwon and The Kiosk's Luke Marshal. Picture: Stephen Bisset
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K-POP! Sukimama brings flavours of Korea to Newcastle Beach with Kiosk collab

While you may associate traditional beach cuisine with the likes of fish and chips, burgers and scallops, that’s all about to change this Friday.

That’s because The Kiosk Newcastle Beach has teamed up with caterer Sukimama to bring the mouthwatering flavours of Korean street food to the Newcastle coastline.

Speaking to Newcastle Live Sukimama’s Suki Kwon said that the idea for the collaboration came from her traditional Korean pancakes known as Hotteok.

“There are these amazing pancakes that I do that are normally served in wintertime in Korea,” Suki said.

“I just had this image of surfers coming out of the water and eating these hot, steaming pancakes and the Kiosk was the perfect place to make this happen.”

On the day, Suki will be serving up a unique kimchi and cheese pancake and a desert version dripping in morish brown sugar syrup.

Buy that’s not all with Suki revealing that one of the most ‘on trend’ Korean dishes would also be getting the Sukimama/Kiosk treatment.

“Korean flavours are huge at the moment and Korean fried chicken is probably the most well-known thing – and I’m going to be doing my little version of it,” she said.

There will also be Korean fried chicken burgers, fried cauliflower, dumplings and a “burgerised” take on the Korean classic, Bibimbap – crispy fried tofu with crunchy salad, bibimbap sauce and topped with an egg.

“We’re also doing some awesome sweet potato and potato crisps which are really exciting,” Suki said.

“We’ve had a few people try them and they’ve all said “Suki, they make me really happy,” and I was like ‘that’s awesome!’


Luke Marshall from the Kiosk said he was looking forward to learning about Korean flavours from Suki.

We are really excited to be working with Suki – our staff are working on the night so there’s a lot for them to learn which is cool,” he said.

“The idea has grown pretty quickly, too. We started out with just a few ideas and the menu has gotten bigger and bigger.”

Suki added: We’re just hoping everyone comes down, bring a picnic blanket, sit on the beach and try some delicious Korean street food.”

The Sukimama X The Kiosk ‘K-Flavour Town’ Collab is on at The Kiosk Newcastle Beach from 3pm to 7pm on Friday 9 August.

Head to the Facebook event page to register your interest so everyone can be well catered for!

Written by Newcastle Live

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