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IT’S A KNOCKOUT! Boxing for fitness…them’s the fighting words I’m keen to hear!

Getting fitspo is a real dream of anyone who has an Instagram account in 2020.

Everyone wants to feel their best and now that it’s a new decade, it’s like we’ve all simultaneously decided that now is the time to do such a thing.

Looking for something totally new to try? Why not give boxing a red hot go, here are our top five reasons to give it a crack. Ps, if you’re looking for somewhere super fun and friendly to try your hand, why not check out Action Boxing and Fitness in Tighes Hill. 

1. You actually don’t need any boxing experience

This is one of the biggest misconceptions I think about the whole boxing thing is that you need to know how to box to a) start and b) fit in. Not the case at all. All it takes is some patience, a great environment, and a good trainer and you’re well on your way to greatness. 

2. It’s a full-body workout like no other

Boxing is one of those things that really works every single muscle in your body. Even your eyelids are sore by the end of it.

For real.

But it’s awesome and your body will one day thank you for it. 

3. You don’t have to get hit

Another common misconception! You don’t have to actually get hit to get fit or however the phrase goes. There are plenty of boxing classes which are all about you vs the bag. That’s it. You can pretend the bad is literally anyone or anything.

It’s a great exercise. 

4. It’s a mental thing too

Boxing is all about patience, and training your mind to go beyond that threshold that you think you have. Here’s a newsflash kid, you got this, you got this. 

5. The stress relief… duh

Which is a pretty darn obvious one if you ask me. You go in all crammed up and stressed about life and Linda from accounting, and you leave promising yourself that things are going to be OK.

In fact, you’re on freaking cloud nine. Because you’ve got it all out of your system and all the endorphins are running through your body.

Go you good thing go.

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