Isla Grant to say farewell to Newcastle

Over the years, Scottish born Isla Grant has developed a large following here in Australia. She’ll be in town on Wednesday 30th September at Wests Leagues Club in New Lambton as part of her Farewell tour. But while the title of the tour suggests this will be the last chance we have to see her perform on our shores, the feisty folk artist told us she could be persuaded to return.

“Never say never, I say” she sprouts over the phone during our recent chat.

A beautiful voice, together with Isla’s ability to write sensitive songs that cross over from country/folk to easy listening have now established her as a major recording artist around the world.

It hasn’t been an “overnight” success for Isla though, her long career started very early. Isla’s father was a piper, her mother a singer and her grandfather a fiddler. From the age of 14 Isla was performing in the folk clubs of Glasgow and Edinburgh

“When my friends were out having a good time, enjoying the frivolities of youth, I was playing gigs” she tells me.

“I think my parents knew early on that I would take music further than they ever had, and they wanted to support me however they could”.

Isla has moved between folk music, jazz, country and blues throughout her career, with each new iteration earning her new family members.

“These players are like family to me”, She says. “One of the players in the band on this current tour, Glen has become like a son to me and my husband. He’s so talented. He plays everything from fiddle and mandolin to guitar”, she says.

“That’s the best thing about our show. What you see us playing on stage is what you hear out the front. It’s live, there’s no recorded backings. What you see is what you get”

Tickets for Isla’s show at Wests New Lambton are now on sale.

WHO: Isla Grant
WHAT: Forewell to Australia Tour
WHEN: 30 September 2015
WHERE: Wests Leauges Club New Lambton


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  1. Wednesday 30 Sept for Isla Grant concert is incorrect. The concert is actually Sunday 1 October. Wednesday isn’t even the 30th.

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