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Is voting in person the last ‘LOL’ of our society?

As a humans who exist on earth in 2019, we have access to a whole range of technologies, all designed to make our lives a little easier.

We carry devices in our pockets that can provide us with the answer to virtually any question that we’ve ever wanted to know, we can have food delivered, we can talk to (and physically see) our loved ones who live far away, and there is no longer any excuse for us to fee truly lost or alone ever again (existential crisis aside).

I for one am so grateful for all of these advances in technology and the way they have personally impacted my life. But, this past weekend I was reminded of one of the last great lol moments we have left in our supposedly advanced society, the fact that we have to go and vote in person.

Apart from the democracy sausage (although rumour has it that some polling places forget the true order of priority), there is no reason that we should have to physically show up to a polling booth to cast our vote.

Like I said we’re a society who takes great pride in the way we use technology and seem to have embraced the gifts we are given except when it comes to voting.

And yes, sure. I will be the first to say that being able to vote is the heart and soul of the whole “lucky country” stuff, but can’t we do it at home?
Think of all the paper we’d save! Not to mention the time, effort and energy we’d by voting online.
Surely it’s not outside the scope of the the current technology existing in 2019 to allow the same validity to voting online as voting in person.

Our ID can be checked, our integrity trusted and our time saved. Some part of me thinks that there are folks sitting in the seats of the powers that be, having a right chuckle, probably smoking a cigar saying “Lololol we already have the technology but we ain’t going to share that anytime soon.” What they would gain from this, though, I’m never sure.

But anyway, surely it’s time right? To be able to cast our vote at home, or on our smart phones, basically anywhere other than a polling place, without interrupting our day or being bombarded by overly enthusiastic fans sweaty humans with pamphlets.

But I dunno… Maybe we should vote on it?