Introducing All Access 80s

Billed as the band with the biggest hair and the tightest pants outside the sunset strip, local act All Access 80s are ready to party like it’s 1989. Newcastle Live chatted to front man JETT BLACK and axe man JESSE JAXX ahead of their debut at Warners Bay Hotel on November 21. 

What do you think it is about the 80’s that people want to relive?

JESSE JÄXX – I think alot of the people that actually lived through the 80s were so wasted that they can’t remember any of it, so they want to catch up on what they missed. Plus everyone’s hair looked awesome so that was pretty cool.

JETT BLACK – I don’t remember much of the 80s as I was pretty wasted, but I guess the main thing to remember is it was the 80s and to remember that. Now we are in 1989 its kinda like still being there…

What does it take to be a master air guitarist?

JESSE JÄXX – Well first of all you’ve gotta make sure you’re in tune, if you’re out of tune you’re never gonna sound much good. Everyone knows that. Secondly, you have to make sure the CD you’re playing along to isn’t scratched and doesn’t skip or stop playing, there’s nothing worse than getting busted miming along to a song when people think it’s actually you playing it – just ask Britney Spears

JETT BLACK – I remember back in 85-86 when I was at the Ritz, some band playing there was looking for a new sound.. I was ripping shreds on my brand new air guitar and some rough looking guy comes in, black mop of hair under some sort of top hat.. Some name like Tear or Rip or something… and I was decimating this solo and he was all like “Woah….Sweet Child! That was massive!” I let him use my riff and the rest is history.. Oh and make sure you are in the right tuning… I’ve seen people start to play air guitar in concert pitch when the CD is in a different tuning… its not pretty….

Top 5 greatest hits of the 80’s are….

JESSE JÄXX – Wow, great question!

JETT BLACK – I’ll list em for you.

  • All Access 80s – Cherry Tart
  • All Access 80s – Living On Pariah
  • All Access 80s – Sweet Chug Of Wine
  • All Access 80s – Here She Goes Again (Twice a night ain’t enough)
  • All Access 80s – Eyes of The Cougar

I’ve heard some great covers of our stuff. People change some of the words and names but you know where it came from…. There should be an All Access 80s tribute band!

What does it take to produce an 80’s sound?

JETT BLACK – Yeah speakers are really important, they make the whole thing, you know… loud. And great hair… Very important, subharmonics get mixed up without great hair..Its a science, I could explain it, but it’s pretty technical.

JESSE JÄXX – You definitely need a really bitchin sounding guitar, that’s the most important thing. Then just add some drums and all that other crap and you’re pretty much set.

Why should people head along to see an All Access 80’s show?

JESSE JÄXX – Well we can’t carry all that stuff out to the van on our own! Plus I hear the guitarist is pretty good looking.

JETT BLACK – Agreed, Jesse is the best looking lead guitarist in the band. His mum even says so! When we throw a concert, we let it all out man. We invite people to witness some serious rock, and if they have the skills (or the balls) we bring em up on stage and let em shred on OUR AIR GUITARS! … Then there is the mad drum solos and real guitar solos too (When Jesse isn’t doing his make up) We always make sure the best dressed Babe or Rocker is recognised for their efforts, I mean it takes a lot to look this good, so if people jump on and represent the 80s with us, then we give em their time in the spotlight! (Or the dressing room if she’s hot!)

Hot or not Spandex or denim?


JESSE JÄXX – Spandex – it definitely shows off my quads better than denim.

Studs or bandannas?

JETT BLACK – Studs on bandanas are just crazy man…. Just go one or the other!

JESSE JÄXX – Yeah, you don’t want to look like a joke onstage, come on.

Beer or Bourbon?

JESSE JÄXX – Bourbon for sure. Beer and coke is just disgusting.

JETT BLACK – Neither.. I prefer either Millers or Jim Beam

Vest or no vest?

JETT BLACK – Definitely a vest. Novest are really uncomfortable

JESSE JÄXX – I don’t suit vests… they don’t show off my pecs.

Mullet or Perm?

JESSE JÄXX – Well I didn’t pass the audition to star in Neighbours so I’ll have to go with perm.

JETT BLACK – Perm worked well for that guy with the Top Hat!

Peace signs or lighters?

JETT BLACK – Serious? Heavy metal horns!

JESSE JÄXX – Yeah heavy metal horns for sure.

Find out more about the band by visiting their website.