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INTERVIEW: Jesse Dracman from DARKC3LL

Industrial Rock juggernaut DARKC3LL are heading our way for a gig tomorrow night (Sept 25) at The Cambridge Hotel. We chatted to lead singer Jesse Dracman about the tour, coming to Newcastle and what it was like to tour with the Soundwave 2014 steamroller.

What did you guys learn from your spot on last year’s Soundwave tour?

JD:   We learnt a great deal about ourselves and the band we want to be for the long run. We had great teachers and friends made on the tour which helped us alot, and the education was invaluable. PLUS! We got to smash 5 great shows around this great nation to audiences who are now fans. We truly learned how to be a better and more professional band.

Is this your first trip to Newcastle?

JD: Yes!!! And we are so excited to finally hit Newcastle. We promise a great show!

Explain what a Darckc3ll show is like for those who’ve never seen you guys play before.

JD: We promise bang for your buck, and we are truly a one of a kind in this country, delivering the kind of show that gets people excited and come back for more. It’s energy, it’s chaos, it’s theatrical and exciting. We make Hate sound fun!

Tell us about The Army Of Darkness and what your street team get up to.

JD: They are the best group of fans we could ask for. Anyone is welcome to join, who are fans of our band and we share all updated news and extras with them. They also help greatly with promo and in general spreading the darkn3ss.

What’s different about your second album Hollywood Scars compare to your first? 

JD: Hollywood Scars is the new single for the 3rd album, and an abrasive, exciting step up and lose yourself rock anthem for people . This shows a glimmer of what’s to come.

Can you explain the title? 

JD: The fake and plastic underbelly of society and all it’s opinionated and wanna be rock gods are highlighted well throughout. We see them on tour and they look down on us in the clubs. Here’s to you guys!

Have you started planing your 3rd yet? What can we expect?

JD: Sure have. Nothing too much to give away at this stage, except it will be an evolution of sound and more hooks than you can handle.

You’re a very photogenic band. Tell us about your image and how you produced and defined yourself.

JD: The music has and always will be first in what we do. The image took a life of its own and has evolved ever since. It’s like an extension persona of who we are, and our battle armour of sorts. It’s a lot of fun, and very messy after. Hahaha.

What role does social media play in the promotion of what you guys are up to?

JD: Huge role. We value spending time interacting, as we are music fans also and believe the fans are important. Too many bands fail in this area and this is something we pride ourselves on, as an extension of what we do. Plus the fans get to see we aren’t all serious and gloom.


Who has the worst BO on tour?

JD: Varies.

Who does the best farts?

JD: ME!!!!

Favourite tour meal?

JD: Parmy all the way!!!

Who does most of the driving?

JD: Jay or Rit. Varies sometimes.

Where do you get your threads from?

JD: Dead bodies.

Pre gig drink?

JD: Shots

Post gig ritual?

JD: Make up wipes, cold beverage and merch stand!

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Written by Dan Beazley

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