Iconic Newcastle Foods

Some iconic Newy foods only live on in our memories (heard about Big Al’s? Slicks Chips and Burgers?), while others are still on the menu around town. Here’s a quick guide to foods that live on in local folklore.

Milkshakes from Jim’s

This Hamilton institution still makes old skool milkshakes with a good splosh of flavouring and a generous scoop of real icecream. For me, you can’t go past a Blue Heaven (why on earth WOULD you?).

Chips and gravy from Henny Penny

As a uni student, this was my staple diet at the Bar on the Hill. But, as I matured, (and moved into the city) Henny Penny took up the mantle for this comfort food classic. The chip to gravy ratio needs to be pretty perfect to allow for soft and fluffy gravy covered bits juxtaposed with a crisp, tender bit. Supplement with chicken salt as is your will.

Pub Schnitty 

No matter how upmarket and gastropub the restaurant, schnitty is a menu mainstay of clubs and pubs around town. It’s gotta be served with thick chips (but please, not with the schnitty on top  to make them go soggy!) and a side salad for purity’s sake.

When it comes to toppings it’s hard to go past gravy or Dianne sauce, but a tomato sauce and cheese combo can also rock it.

Who does it best? Pretty much everyone really. But we’d love you to shout-out your faves in the comments.

Beetroot scallops from Scotties

Every now and again the internet has a fight about potato cakes vs potato scallops – and we’re totally here for it. But wait till Beetroot scallops get brought into the mix. Found only at Scotties in Newcastle East (so far as we know) this is a bloody delight. Crisp, crunchy batter encases a bright purple slice of goodness. What is not to love!

Steak at The Burwood

If you need meat, you need to get to The Burwood Hotel. Top notch beef is seared to perfection and served with a couple of thick cut chips and crisp green beans. Topped with Café de Paris butter it’s simply perfection.

And what are the new kids on the block? Well, we’re seeing awesome gelato happening at Popolo, burgers at Rascal and Newy Burger Co, classic sushi from Sushi Koo, and, of course, toasties!

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Linda Drummond