Ice, Ice (Disney) Baby

Shelley Craft knows Disney. Presenter on Saturday Disney, mum of two girls AND ambassador for Disney on Ice – if you’re going to chat Disney, chat with Shelley.

So we did!

You know it’s Winter when Disney on Ice comes to town, it’s a tradition as old as, well, me! This year the theme’s Celebrating 100 Years of Disney so you can guarantee you’ll see all your faves on the ice. “Last year I was raving about how wonderful it was to see Frozen on the ice from beginning to end, but this year it will be great to see ALL our favourites out there,” Shelley says.

Introducing her two girls to Disney was a double pleasure for Shelley, “It was a lovely excuse to remain in my childhood a little bit longer,” she says with a laugh. “At 7 and 5 they’re both deep into Princess mode and I’m trying to show them that princesses can be strong and independent. They weren’t all just waiting around for a prince to come along!’

Shelley is a firm believer in family traditions and creating memories. “Because we’re all so busy these days family traditions are one of the few things we have left. Planning something big in the middle of the year gives us something to look forward to,” she says.

“You can give your children the latest and greatest gifts going around, but if you ask them what they remember, nine times out of 10 it’ll be something you’ve done as a family. Whether it’s a holiday, a special dinner or even a picnic in the park, it’s always an experience as opposed to a gift that children remember.”

There’s something about Disney that some of us will never grow out of. “I think we’ve all got a little bit of Peter Pan in us,” Shelley says with a laugh. “Some of us don’t really want to grow up and something like this gives us an excuse to revel in our own childhood. I’m sure there’s a little kid in all of us that believes in magic.”

What can we expect from Disney on Ice? “We’ve got world-class skaters on the ice, and coming of a Winter Olympics the skating is something pretty special to watch. You’ll see spectacular stunts, extraordinary costumes and, of course, there’s always a heartwarming Disney story.

This year there’ll be a Zootopia Special Feature before the show – so don’t miss that.

The show opens in Newcastle on Friday 13 July and runs until Sunday 15 July. Tickets available here