NEW TUNES: Hurricane Fall are back with emotional belter Another One More Time

On their last single Lost In Us, which dropped back in January, Newcastle country-rockers Hurricane Fall were all about them loved-up vibes.

Well, it seems the Golden Guitar nominees have rounded that full emotional circle with their latest single Another One More Time.

This country-tinged torch song, complete with a Bic-worthy, anthemic chorus, examines those moments of self-doubt and self-loathing in the aftermath of a break-up. A time where ‘what if?’ seems to become a mantra.

“Another One More Time is a song about the undeniable connection that simmers below the subconscious until the catalytic combination of booze and loneliness bring on an explosion of emotion that has you reaching for the phone… just one more time,” vocalist and bass player Pepper Deroy said.

If you’ve seen these guys live you’d know that the stage is where Hurricane Fall belongs – a fact illustrated in the single’s accompanying clip.

Shot by Bruce Dawson and Lawrence Lim of Tribal Apes, the clip showcases the band ripping through the track on a sound stage at Fox Studios.

“Bruce wanted to capture the essence of Hurricane Fall, similarly to how David Attenborough would capture a bear in its natural habitat,” Pepper said.

“The result is a real representation of Hurricane fall in full swing”

In case you’re late to this party Hurricane Fall has been cutting quite the swathe through the Oz country music scene, with their undeniably toe-tappin’ gumbo of modern and classic country, rich harmonies, and more hooks than Rex Hunt’s tackle box!

Their debut 2020 album Ain’t Leavin‘ has been streamed more than a million times across Spotify and Apple Music, while Spotify’s Fresh Country, New Music Nashville, and Little Bit of Country playlists (to name a few) have welcomed the band’s tunes with open arms and ears.

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