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The secret to happily ever after? Well, it’s all in the planning!

If ever there was an event that needs to go off without a hitch, it would have to be getting hitched.

So many big days have been derailed and brides’ hopes of a fairytale day dashed because someone forgot to check if the best man had the rings or mistakenly placed those warring cousins at the same table at the reception.

That’s where Louise Manning and the team at Hunter Events Group come in.

Since 2018, Hunter Events Group (aside from planning numerous events outside of the wedding sphere) have been making happy couples even happier with their ‘no stone unturned’ approach to event management.

As Louise told Newcastle Live, when it comes to your big day, Hunter Events can take care of all of the ‘nitty-gritty,’ leaving you to concentrate on making lifelong memories.

“Generally we handle all of the bookings on behalf of our clients, saving them time and money,” Louise said.

“We are affiliated with over 500 vendors in the wedding industry throughout the Hunter and Newcastle region.”

Louise and her dedicated team then set about creating exhaustive and detailed site plans, layouts and diagrams, mapping out every aspect of your wedding’s visual style, before reaching out to their extensive list of suppliers to put that intricate planning into practice.

“Once we get to about three months out, we sit down with the couple again and we map out logistics,” Louise said.

“We map out every part of their run sheet – from what time they will wake up, what time they’ll have breakfast, when hair and makeup are arriving and leaving, and every single intricate detail that comes with a wedding.”

Louise added that on the big day, the team will be on-site to make sure everything runs smoothly, ironing out any last-minute wrinkles.

It could be restitching the bridal dress, polishing a dance floor, or running a vacuum over a reception area. There are always going to be last-minute hiccups and Hunter Events are there to make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff.

“The reality is, it doesn’t always go according to plan. So, sometimes it’s just about having that extra pair of hands to coordinate things that arise beyond anyone’s control,” Louise said.

With 150-plus past and present wedding clients, it’s a fair assumption that Louise and the team definitely have the expertise to make your day a success.

Such is their passion for planning, Hunter Events recently launched another wedding brand – Chantilly Rose – to design and produce bespoke luxury weddings for the discerning clientele.

It’s all about next-level with Chantilly Rose. Next level luxe, next-level detail and next-level quality.

“We work with prestigious and respected vendors who we know will deliver the highest quality, from award-winning floral designers to chocolatiers and everyone in between,” Louise said.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to elopeor if you want your wedding to put the lavish nuptials of the likes of Wills and Kate to shame (a reported and eye-watering $34 million!), the team at Hunter Events Group can make your dream a reality.

For Louise, it was a passion for putting smiles on peoples faces that gave her the ‘lightbulb moment’ in 2018 to create Hunter Events Group – and she’s definitely hit the ground running.

“One day I thought: ‘I’m going to do this.’ The next morning I registered a business name, established a website, and designed a logo. So within 24 hours the brand was pretty much launched,” she said.

What was intended to be a stay-at-home hobby quickly became much more for Louise,who started out with a goal of signing up ten weddings in
the first year and quickly found herself catering to double that!

She then shifted the at-home hobby into an office space and hired her first employee within the first nine months of operation.

The business has now grown to include a full-time team of five covering public events, marketing and wedding planning and a 12-plus casual team to assist on the day with public event support and management.

Much of the meticulousness and attention to detail that is at the core of what Hunter Events Group is all about came from a desire not to repeat the mistakes made on her own big day, 12 years ago.

“There is just something about the events industry that I love – I love helping people,” Louise said.

I built several systems and procedures on areas that could have been well and truly improved or avoided my wedding day with the assistance of professional help. At the time I remember my husband saying: ‘maybe we should get a wedding planner,’ and I said: ‘absolutely not! I can do this myself.’

“But having a wedding planner is just so invaluable, because they take away so much of that stress of organisation, especially for people who have never done it before.”

For Louise, the driving force behind the success of Hunter Events is a desire to help people. Seeing happy couples start their new lives together without wondering if the cake will turn up on time or if anyone will notice that errant thread on the veil, makes it all worthwhile.

“Just to be able to relieve some of that wedding pressure and to see that sense of relief on their faces is really, really heartwarming,” Louise said.

For loved-up couples who are looking to walk down the aisle soon, Louise was quick to offer her top five Dos to ensure a successful wedding day.

1. Trust the experts
Think of all the things you use trusted experienced professionals for. Tax, car repair, plumbing, construction – the list is endless. And one of the most momentous occasions in your life certainly deserves nothing less.

2. Set a budget
Laying the financial foundations early means you’ll avoid a nuptials blowout leaving you and your betrothed paying for your big day well into the future.

3. Leave enough time to get everything done
You can file this one under Trust The Experts because they know the answers to those essential questions like: ‘When should I order my wedding dress?” FYI it’s nine months out from the wedding because it takes around six months for bridal stores to get them in and another three for the gown to be altered. And this writer gleaned that pearl of wisdom from a wedding planner!

4. Don’t sweat the little stuff
This rule for life certainly applies to weddings. Spending your big day running around putting out little organisational spot fires means you have less time to make those lasting memories of the big day. It’ll be over before you know it.

5. You can pick the date you can’t pick the weather so always have a Plan B.

There’s no doubt that, when it comes to Plan Bs, wedding planners are the bee’s knees! But, they also know that there are myriad circumstances that can threaten to derail your big day which is why they’re also dab-hands at Plan Cs, too!

So, don’t leave your big day to chance. The team at Hunter Events Group has got your wedding covered.

For more information on the services provided by Hunter Events Group, head here.