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Hunter Drama to bring Love & Information to the Civic Playhouse

Hunter Drama will once again captivate local theatregoers when their upcoming production of Caryl Churchill’s Love & Information hits the stage at the Civic Playhouse this May.

Known for its kaleidoscopic, inventive, and topical narrative, the play offers a unique exploration of human connection in the digital age.

“Although this piece was written twelve years ago, it is possibly even more relevant now,” Hunter Drama Artistic Director, James Chapman said.

“It deals with themes of love and relationships in the digital age, the information overload of social media and how our young people navigate this world. It’s about the paradox of connection and isolation that we all experience.”

Divided into seven sections featuring a series of short vignettes, Love & Information delves deep into the complexities of modern relationships, prompting viewers to ponder the intersection of love and technology in shaping our lives.

Each vignette offers a glimpse into the lives of diverse characters grappling with various aspects of contemporary existence, from communication breakdowns to existential musings. The whole thing will have you asking questions about the nature of human connections and the profound impact of technology on our relationships.

Hunter Drama will stage Caryl Churchill’s Love & Information at the Civic Playhouse over a short season from Wednesday 22 May 2024. For more information and tickets visit