WHAT THE CLUCK? Hungry Jack’s unveils massive fried chook burger range

Look out, fans of fried chicken. There’s a new kid on the block, with burger hounds Hungry Jack’s throwing their hat into the ring, launching a new fried chicken burger range this week.

Reportedly two years in the making, the Jack’s Fried Chicken range features three burgers supposedly 40 per cent larger than their closest rivals (three guesses who that might be), with the fast-food chain claiming these chicken burgs are the crunchiest and juiciest in Australia.

The centrepiece of all three burgers is a mammoth fried whole breast chicken fillet and a brioche bun. The ‘classic’ is finished with crispy lettuce and mayo, the ‘spicy’ with lettuce and spicy signature sauce, and the ‘cheesy bacon’ with, you guessed it. Cheese and bacon.

“We know Aussies are craving bigger, juicier fried chicken burgers, so Hungry Jack’s is taking the lead with the biggest, thickest, and juiciest fried chicken available,” Hungry Jack’s Chief Marketing Officer Scott Baird said.

“Aussies are absolutely going to fall in love with Jack’s Fried Chicken Burgers.”

And it seems these burger boffins have been doing their homework on Aussies love of fried chicken, too.

Hungry Jack’s said the fried chicken underwent two years of rigorous testing, with the burgers also trialled in 10 stores before the national launch.

Also, Hungry Jack’s research conducted by YouGov revealed that more than 2.2 million Aussies eat fried chicken several times a week or at least once a day.

The research also revealed that almost half of the 1,033 respondents indicated they would be willing to give up one of life’s pleasures for a decent chook burger and that 85 per cent reckon that there is room for improvement in the Aussie chook burger stakes.

The Jacks Fried Chicken range is available now.