How to support local business during this crisis

There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic will hit our local artists and artisans who rely on public gathering to make their living. So, what can you do to support the local businesses and the economy during the hard times ahead? Here are five hot tips.

Shop online

Because it’s 2020 people! We don’t actually have to leave the house to buy the things we want and deserve. Also, if you’re facing the process of self-isolation you’re going to need things to entertain you. Duh. Just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t treat-yo-self. (It will help the economy too).

Buy their music

Musos are hurting, like legitimately hurting. Events are getting cancelled left right and centre (RIP Bluesfest – the latest casualty) and that means that musos no longer have the gigs they were relying on to, you know, feed their family. Turn on Spotify, stream your local artist twice as much as you normally would, head to their websites and by a physical copy of their music, publically support them online, whatever it is you can do, do that thing.

Buy local

Stocking up? (within reason people please for the love of whoever it is you believe in) why not buy local? Contact your local wholefoods store, or grocer, or mate down the road who you know grows a cracking pumpkin, support them, not the big guys.

Send messages of support

This might not seem like a big deal but it definitely is. Send messages to your friends, your family, your favourite author, muso, freelancer, pub, whatever it is you love, remind them. It’s very easy to feel alone in this world at the moment and there’s a lot that we can do to make it feel (safely) a whole lot smaller.

Look after yourself

Responsibility people. If you are feeling unwell, in any way shape or form, protect not only yourself but the vulnerable people that you could potentially come into contact with. Your grandparents, your neighbour, the person that you don’t even know and their grandparents and neighbours. We have a responsibility people! The sooner we can flatten the curve, the better the world will be.