How to show a Newcastle virgin a good time…

Take ‘em STRAIGHT TO NUMBER 5 – Newcastle’s infamous Gentlemen’s Den of Inequity!

Joking, joking… Not that type of virgin. We’re talking about those interstate or international friends, cousins, internet-dating-love-interests who have never had the opportunity to experience all things uniquely “Newy”.

Coming into the long weekend, with a few of our own first-time visitors heading to Newcastle, our office discussion has turned to some of the best places our fine city has to offer…

1. The Bogey Hole
An obvious choice, yes. But it has a 100% guarantee to impress the face off any first-timer.

2. The Giant Phallic Tower (a.k.a. Newcastle Foreshore Tower)
I’m sure we all have some questions for the person who designed this structure, but the views are well-worth the long climb up (40 metres up to be exact). If you’re feeling less spritely, you could visit the slightly smaller phallic icon (i.e. the Obelisk), which delivers 100% of the view with 50% of the legwork.

3. The Coast
If there’s one thing we can boast about, it’s our beautiful beaches – On a clear day or during the perfect pink sunset, it’s a sight that would give any tropical island brochure a run for its money.

Clear waters at Redhead Beach 🌊 @pickles_photos #picklesphotostakeover

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4. Nobby’s Breakwall
Try this at sunrise or sunset for best results. Once you reach the end, enjoy the view out to the open ocean or turn back to the glittering coastline and harbour. Perfect moment for a #newcastleappreciation post.

Colourful sunset tonight at #nobbyslighthouse #sunset #visitnewcastle

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5. Stockton Sand Dunes
From exploring the Sygna shipwreck on a quad bike, to gunning down a dune at top speeds on a sand-board, to feeling like you’re in a scene from Aladdin while riding a camel across the sand, there are seriously SO MANY ACTIVITIES on offer here!

6. Local Markets
We’re a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to the local market scene right now. Hit the guide for more info.

Hot tip: Don’t even think about eating before you go, because ohmygod the FOOD!

7. Fernleigh Track to Glenrock Conservation Reserve
Get on a bike. Get back to nature. Get a little taste of Newcastle history. And for the love of God DO NOT forget the insect repellent. For bonus points, trek all the way down to Burwood Beach for an unspoilt slice of the coast you can enjoy (mostly) all to yourself.

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8. Darby St for first breakfast, Hunter St Mall for second breakfast
With so many great long-standing cafes and new coffee houses popping up, it’s hard to pick just one for your morning dose of caffeine… In Newcastle, you don’t have to choose! Second (and third) breakfast is totally acceptable as long as you change venues. Leave your judgement, and probably your diet, at the door.

THE CUP ! . what’s your pick for tomorrow ? #thecup #biggysmalls #coreespresso

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9. Hunter Valley Wine Tour & Hot Air Ballooning
What’s better than sipping on a glass of locally produced wine?  …Sipping on a glass of locally produced wine on a Hot Air Balloon ride! Need we say more?

10. Small Bar-Bar Hop
Over the past 12 months, Newcastle has had what I like to call ‘Small Bar Pox’ – Lots of little bars popping up all over the place, making their mark on the skin of the city… Gross metaphor? Yes. Making for an awesome night out in Newy? Totally. Start at Newcastle East and work your way back. You might even stumble across a not-so-secret speakeasy or two…

It’s not often you get the chance to think about just how sweet we have it in Newcastle; incredible coastline, lush countryside, rich history and a CBD that’s slowly but surely coming back to life.


Novocastrians are not usually ones to toot their own horns, but in this case…

Beep Beep.


Feature Image: Lyndi & Jason

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