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HOME AWAY FROM HOME: Top five Airbnb spots in Newcastle

Who doesn’t love a staycation? Better yet, who doesn’t love a staycation where you don’t have to worry about who is going to drop by for tea or to steal your beer? I know I do, and for that reason, here are, in my humble opinion, the top five Airbnbs in Newcastle.

The Surf Shack

This tiny little studio, at just $56 a night, looks like a dream. The owner Petra, an artist and someone well versed in the art of language by the looks of it, describes the place as a renovated tiny hole in the wall studio apartment, but what more could you need with a view like that?

Stunning Flourish on Bull – Inner City Luxe Loft

From a tiny hole in the wall apartment to a grand loft in the hill, look no further than this gem. Situated right in the heart of the best part of town, this delicious property sleeps five and looks like an absolute dream. All yours for just $245 a night.

SeaBreeze Terrace in Cooks Hill

Speaking of cottages, I for one have always walked passed those terrace houses in Cooks Hill and wondered just what it would be like to live there. Well… now you can. Enter the SeaBreeze Terrace which features two bedrooms, accommodating for guests. It can be yours for just $115 a night.

Cute Coastal Style Inner City Cottage Carrington

Looking for something a little bigger? And perhaps not necessarily right in the centre of town? This cottage in Carrington may just be the stuff of your staycation dreams. For just $590 a night, you and six of your closest pals can bunker down in this amazing house. What a treat!

Overlooking the Newcastle V8 Supercar Track

Now I couldn’t make a list of Air Bnbs without mentioning a property like this one. Everyone knows just how many tourists flock to Newcastle during the Supercars so why not capitalize on it? If you’re a local who really wants to be trackside, why not hire this East End terrace for $1500 a night? For you and your five closest friends to enjoy the race. ($1500 a night was actually one of the cheaper options…)

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.