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His baked goods brings all of Newy to the yard!

Baker Scott Miller has two reasons to smile this week.

That’s because Scott’s humble Shortland bakery Miller’s Pie and Sandwich Bar, took out a Newcastle Live poll asking who has the best sausage rolls in Newcastle.

If that wasn’t enough, Miller’s was also deemed to have the best vanilla slice in the region and Scott and the team couldn’t be more chuffed.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Scott told Newcastle Live. “It’s just great recognition.

“I didn’t even know about it [the vanilla slice poll] until it was done – people just kept sending me all of this stuff – it was a big surprise.”

While he was, understandably reluctant to divulge the secrets behind his undeniably delicious creations, Scott was able to give some insights into what makes his snot blocks and saus rolls so special.

“I won’t give you the recipe, but with vanilla slices, there are a lot of places around the town that use like a packet mix – a pre-mix custard, but mine’s not. It’s like something your great granny used to make.

“It’s really old school, and that’s what makes the difference.”

When it comes to the savoury side of things, Scott said the secret to his sausage rolls was their formidable size and quality ingredients.

“We get a lot of tradies through here and they want a feed so I give them one,” Scott said.

“I also use a really good butcher who gives me really good mince and like the vanilla slices, they’re hand made – a lot of bigger places use a machine but these are made by hand everyday. They are also fresh every day, we don’t do reheats here.”

While Scott said that he was more than happy to accept the dual accolade, he was quick to add there were other products on the menu that he thought surpassed the winners.

“Our lamingtons are really good, our pies – we like to do some crazy varieties like we’ve just started a bangers and mash pie which is going off.”

Miller’s Pie and Sandwich Bar is located at 334 Sandgate Rd, Shortland as well as 416 Lake Road Argenton.

Written by Stephen Bisset

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