Hey Gladys, we’ve got to talk about all-ages venues (again)

“If she really is all about supporting the industry and creating a safe and happy environment for each and every punter, why not start early? “

My favourite part about this job, is making sure that innovative ideas, movements, and important thoughts and feelings are never far from the backs of people’s minds.

What am I here to talk about today? Underage music venues, or more accurately the lack of underage music venues in Newcastle (again).

There’s been a lot of chatter about the music industry over the past few months and with the re-election of the anti-bae of the music industry Gladys Berejiklian what better time to throw another two cents in?

See, because Gladys’ main concern is regarding the safety of music festivals and the conduct of those who attend said festivals. She’s not woke enough to even take a red hot minute to listen to anything that even resembles a whisper about pill testing but maybe she will listen about underage venues.

If she really is all about supporting the industry and creating a safe and happy environment for each and every punter, why not start early?

Why not pour some of those closely guarded funds into creating a safe space. Some could call it a grass roots approach to music culture.

I can most definitely admit that some music festival goers are treating the festival season like schoolies (not that there’s really anything wrong with that). But maybe we’d all know how to attend a music festival if we didn’t wait until we were 18 to do so.

Or better yet, maybe if we understood what it meant to go to a gig before we were let loose on the world that might be a really great start.

If you work on fostering a safe environment from the get-go, that culture is always going to filter down into every other experience you have at a music festival or concert.

But where to have these experiences is a good question. There is no quote un quote dedicated underage music venue in Newcastle and seriously though, why is that?

We have the space, we have the time, and probably the money to cover it so why haven’t we done anything about it?

And when I say “we” I’m obviously talking about the powers that be here. So many amazing local heroes have bent over backwards to provide our awesome little community with underage music venues but lack of funding, security and support have always let them down.

If Gladys bae ever gets tired of whining about music festivals and thinks about the problem laterally, maybe Newcastle can score some much needed funds to really promote some grass roots stuff and provide our underage friends with a place to see their favourite bands in a safe and secure environment. Just a thought I guess?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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  1. Far be it from Jimmy to be pro-liberal, you don’t mention the incumbent local Labor member dear Laura my love.

    Your friend Stephen Bisset recently reported on your frenetic ramblings about this – with which Jimmy totally aligns:

    So since Labor didn’t win the election is it now fiction in the past? You need to direct your views on this to the appropriate departments – City of Newcastle included, since they started warmongering with Newcastle Now, there are more empty spaces in Newcastle currently than I’ve seen for a long time.

    You contacted Tighes Hill TAFE? From what I hear, their failing music curriculum could do with a massive boost of interest from the views you share via collaboration, a more proactive way to get stuff done than calling out anti-bae with a binary rant, no action plan with stoic pro-Labor undertones.

    Because, guess what, the election is over so no accountability required to a minute parochial outpost parish like Newcastle and sadly you link it to far-left ideals of war on music festivals when it should be towards a treaty on safe music festivals of which the actual promoters of the Newy events have done extraordinarily well since that damning legislation came in because they have nous to collaborate and enhance the industry rather than call out an agency with nothing to back it up.

    So its not really a talk, is it? I doubt she is listening about this particular issue (again) so you may just be talking to yourself inside a bubble about it sadly because Jimmy would like some action on this long standing issue as well.

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