HERE TO TELL YOU: Tip Jar song comp winner Benn Allsop talks about his new single

We chat to Benn Allsop about his single, Here To Tell You

Newcastle Live were there when Benn Allsop has crowned the publicly voted winner of the very first Tip Jar Song Competition.

Benn won a massive prize pack that included a professional recording of his winning song, Here To Tell You.

Now that’s single is out for everyone to see and hear, we thought we’d catch up with the energetic and delighfuly charming local artist.

NEWCASTLE LIVE: Congrats on the single. How do you feel now it’s out there.

BENN: Thank you very much. Well, I’d say there’s a mixture of feelings haha, a bit of relief, excitement, happiness .. there’s probably a few others in there too

NEWCASTLE LIVE: Tell us about the video clip for the single. Who did you produce it with?

BENN: After winning Tipjar, I knew that was the next project I wanted to focus on. So I took it to my production partner and friend/director/actress/writer Emma Monk 🤟. We storyboarded a variety of concepts. But this idea just resonated …it rose above the rest. Our motto is ‘go with your gut’…so we did. I produced it with our company Truebeam, and the help of some very talented people. (To find out who, head to I wanted to create something artistically beautiful. The video to me is a visual concept of how I perceive how loving someone and being loved feels… you know, like the effect that those feelings have in the mind.. .. but bring them out .. if you catch my drift.

NEWCASTLE LIVE: Tell us about writing the song…

BENN: Here To Tell You is a song is a personal one for me. When I was younger I never really understood ‘love songs’ .. it wasn’t until I found that love for myself. Which is where the opening ‘I didn’t know I could feel the way I feel, I didn’t know I could find something this real’ The words just fit and everything kept falling into place. It’s a song of love, joy, taking chances, and time travel.. haha

NEWCASTLE LIVE: Time travel?

BENN: I wanted to go back to when that love first took over…if that makes sense (it does to me ) after the Success of the song Thank You. You know that one?.. the one I sang for my wife at our wedding

NEWCASTLE LIVE: Yes, I remember and it was beautiful 🌈

BENN: Thank You 😊 anyway I wanted to go back to the beginning BUT, then the bridge in H2TY ‘Here we are on this Dancefloor Baby…etc’ is a reference to that moment in the Thank you video where we are on the dancefloor.. sort of like a fast forward time travel thang to the best day ever… haha well that was a mouthful aye, you still with me?

NEWCASTLE LIVE: Tell us about working with the crew at TAFE NSW.

BENN: Oh… Next level amazing! The experience gave me such a buzz! I’ve been in a few studios prior, but this one was just special. Working with like-minded people who want the best for your ‘baby’ is just breathtaking.

NEWCASTLE LIVE: What did winning Tip Jar mean for you?

BENN: Hmm, well after all the excitement and overwhelming shock… I suppose you there was a sense of validation. To know that people… and enjoy what I do. Not only that but also a sense of notoriety in Newcastle and being recognized for what I love doing.

NEWCASTLE LIVE: What’s next for you?

BENN: Haha a lot. I am working on more music/ music videos, plans on releasing an EP next year.. or a collection. A few collaborations and some soundtrack work which I’m excited about, The next track is totally left of the field of what I have released … but I love it… and it’s gonna be fun.

Written by Newcastle Live

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