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HAVE YOUR SAY: Live Music Strategy for Newcastle is now on public exhibition

Simple Minds rocks No.1 Oval after the Supercars. Coates Hire Newcastle 500, The City of Newcastle. Photo by Salty Dingo, 2018

Love live music? Want to support the scene in Newcastle? Here is your chance to check out the Strategy and give your valuable feedback – you’ve got till Friday, 25 February 2019 when the public exhibition closes.

Live music is a vital part of our city’s cultural make up, and City of Newcastle has been working on a plan to promote Newcastle’s live music scene over the next four years and beyond.

The Live Music Strategy has been developed with the community, music industry professionals and other key stakeholders and includes a number of actions for achieving a safe and sustainable live music scene, while responding to the needs of those who call the city home.

More opportunities for all ages gigs, better night-time transport and plugging live music online are all part of the plan, which is on public exhibition until 25 February 2019.

City of Newcastle need your help to know if they are on the right track. You can contribute by checking out the strategy and providing your comments – you’ll find more info and an electronic copy of the Live Music Strategy by clicking the link below.

Written by Newcastle Live

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  1. Unfortunately a strategy involves having a community come together and ya know, actually be inclusive! Falsely purporting to be integrating and encouraging that only works for a minority disenfranchises a lot of the community. Newcastle is way too exclusive!!!!!

    How are people supposed to get involved via employment? No one is hiring in this city! I emailed Nathaniel from NCC months ago and got no response – this is a very common practice for any industry in Newcastle – Newcastle Music Collective, no response; BigApachee, not hiring; TAFE music department, not hiring/don’t care; UoN record label, have to be a student; small businesses only hire friends and family – all of these ignore and exclude those wanting to get involved. If the Live Music strategy was to be taken seriously, there would be opportunities associated with it to encourage an actual workforce but the plan does not go into any of this, instead, it focuses too much of what is missing or lacking with no commitment of new resources or new opportunities, just a cry out from businesses looking out for themselves only. In addition, TAFE Newcastle spits out hundreds of students annually with qualifications but because no one is hiring this creates a saturated market of the type of disenfranchisement going on that is a waste of taxpayers dollars subsidising courses that lead to no opportunities whatsoever leading to no return-of-investment to the community. How are people qualified in the music industry supposed to support the industry via participation if they are only allowed to live on government handouts? The plan/strategy does not indicate a willingness to grow the industry either, it is far too self-contained and exclusive.

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