“It’s Hard To Hate Close Up – Move In”: On Cyber Bullying

I’m a big fan of renowned researcher and social worker Brene Brown. For those who know me, I quote her all the time, a lot of the time she get’s me mentally from A to B, and this is a really important thing. One quote in particular “It’s hard to hate close up – move in” resonates in a lot of ways, for a lot of different people.

The rise of the keyboard warrior, although may have surfaced much earlier than 2017, has almost completely taken over the internet. We see it here at Newcastle Live, I see it personally in my inbox every single day. As a creative it seems that some people assume that we put our work out into the world purely to be criticised for it, this is not the case.

I thought I’d do a #repost of this video, especially due to the current political climate we are living in, specifically the marriage equality debate. You may be sitting behind a keyboard, detached from the words you’re saying, but the effect is unfortunately still the same. So you may be able to go on and live your life but cyber bullying is a real thing, and this video highlights the impacts in a really great way.

So share, like, repost, do whatever it is you need to do, but also think twice before you hit enter.

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Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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