Happy Birthday to The Grateful

September is the month of Birthdays, or at least in my mind, it is, shout out to my fellow September kids but… there’s something other than my own day of birth that I am only too happy to celebrate in September, a particularly significant milestone for one of my favourite local businesses – The Grateful.

On September the 14th the Grateful will be celebrating one year of their little (Carrington) island home, one they share with two other feel good businesses. Need an excuse to join the party? For those who don’t know, The Grateful is a kindness project centred on paying it forward and reminding us all that there is a little bit of good left in the world. But most importantly, we as customers and consumers can be a part of this good too!

Describing themselves as a one-for-one pay it forward happiness project (um hello that’s reason enough to celebrate) the Grateful have orchestrated a business whereby whenever you buy a bunch of flowers (which are bloody wonderful by the way) they donate a bunch to John Hunter Hospital. The girls at the helm, Jess and Gem made a name for themselves in the community over the past year or so and as such, the Grateful Boutique was born.

Pretty much a year ago to the day, Jess and Gem took the plunge, along with two other feel good businesses and signed a lease to their very own shared shop front. For anyone who has ventured into the boutique knows it’s a pretty special experience. I mean, every purchase you make, a portion of the sales goes to charity. The room is so darn bright and cheery you literally feel like you’re living in an island paradise and I don’t know about you but I always walk out of there feeling just that little bit better about  myself and the world and it has nothing to do with all the amazing threads I’ve just walked out of there with.

Keen to celebrate? You can check out the event here: or jump on their facebook page to find out more. Oh, and to all my other September babies, happy flipping birthday Y’all!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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